Wednesday, October 28, 2009

eyes on the goal

2 days to go and i have to finalize my decision if i will stay or not.

my sister said if only she's sure that we wont end up as a broken family then she'll vote for me to go home. yes, to be realistic, men really can't be left alone.

so to stop this confusion, i have printed these layouts i made since last year to emphasize the reason why i need to stay:

the first one is the ground floor, with a space for a car.  yes, kasama sa dream ang car, hehe!

obviously i will have some tenants in the ground and second floor, so kasama rin sila sa pangarap ko...

and the only floor that i added colors to is our house, on the third floor.  i placed a crib for a girl coz i sometimes wish the next one would be a boy, then our third will be a girl.

and of course it wouldn't be a complete manila house if it doesn't have a rooftop right? so that's on the 4th floor.

i am planning to save for this during my last two years here in bahrain.  hopefully when jared is 3 years old we can settle in.

hurry up 2 years!!!

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