Friday, October 9, 2009

my pearl mall

phew.  talk about overtime!  as if me overtime pay ako...

while my boss wanted to have that chinese mall, i thought about a second layout and this pearl mall is the only one that gave me enough interest to continue working until 3 in the morning.  of course it includes tv and ice cream breaks but still...

i haven't had slept-til-you-wake friday for the longest time that i can remember, i know tomorrow won't be, since jared and his lola will probably be online around 7-8 am here.

im so excited to see him!  i saw his videos from kuya dong and he was walking (and dancing!) and he looks like a real little boy now... sigh *homesick*

although i wanted to go home for good, i have decided, for the time being, that saving would be the most practical way.  i might change my mind once i go for vacation on december, though!

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