Thursday, October 1, 2009


my boss gave me one box of their precious chocolates ($47/kilo, or 27pcs) this week and seriously, im having sore throat from nibbling these, but i cannot stop.  i am addicted :)

all for me!  okay, i gave maricel and irish 2 pieces each... im not that selfish...

chocoholic. and my lips today are no. 3 from my 22k lip palette.

no. 3 closeup... i love that pink shade!

full face.

anyways... during our 3-hour break yesterday i curled my hair a little:

i am that dork who used flash in front of the mirror

and realized that this angle is better...

what else did i realize this week?

• that my new blush smells soooo good.

• that you should always charge your camera.  for the second time i went to our workshop with a dead battery (such a loser!)

• that i have cravings before my period.  super kain.  and after my period i always lose my appetite.  kahit gutom na ko ayoko namang kumain.  i just eat when i think of jared and the future, and i don't want to be sick in the future.

• that bambi's ipod is a retard.  after i fixed it last week it started having tantrums again.  and that stupid loser face shows up in the screen:

• that the more you sleep, the more you'll feel sleepy.  seriously.

• and that i miss my son sooooooooo much... he's walking now, take a look:

jared with bambi's mother

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