Wednesday, October 21, 2009

day 5 without maricel and irish

i almost didn't want to go to work.  it was so quiet and uninteresting in the office, and most of the time, my boss' mood sucks.

i get all the blame of course, although i don't understand why he told me to make luke's stay in his hotel a comfortable one and in case he complains to madam that he had nothing to eat or his ac was not working, i would be in trouble.  i think that's unreasonable.

plus my head aches.  i tried to make it go away last night with endorphins but this morning when i was about to tell bambi i was going he accidentally hit my nose with his head and it still hurts until now.

oh, and i deleted 5000+ spam in our server so it added stress to my eyes.  stupid junk mails.

i thought it would be a swift week but without the craziness of my two friends i was totally wrong.  i didn't think that even i was sometimes irritated and bored by those two wackos i would be missing them.

and add to the fact that my assistant is so quiet...

i wanna go home.

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