Saturday, February 27, 2010


kristinne is fed up.

it has been the most tiring 2 weeks of my life.  even if i have received half of my ebay purchases from last month, it wasn't enough to make me happy and blog.

it started with this sensor...
it's supposed to be cute coz it's hello kitty, but i hated the reason why it's lighting up so i took it off my blackberry and attached it to my roaming mobile instead.

when i was in college i had a simple sticker sensor at the back of my nokia 3310 that lights up when it receives a call or an sms.  and it made me giggle when it lights up because it means i will receive an sms from bambi soon.  so i had such good memories of it.

unfortunately at this time of my life and even if i have a blackberry, i want to throw away the phone when it lights up especially when im at home coz it only means my boss is going to call and i would probably be searching the internet for something or maybe i did something wrong for the day.

dang i really hated him this week!  it seems my stress level has been up all the time even if i have probably the same amount of work, its just that everytime he calls and asks me to canvass a price for something (5-6 items this week from more than 10 suppliers) it really takes up a lot of time and at the end he changes his mind and i really want to hit the phone so hard at my table just so i wouldn't scream!

my darn hormones are probably to blame.  my first pregnancy was such a breeze compared to this.  starting this week i started to lose appetite and was just eating junk foods even though im really hungry coz the thought of rice and viand makes me vomit.  i was just eating bread yesterday all afternoon.  plain bread and water.  i had to, coz i feel sick when im hungry, but ill feel sick when im too full.

ooh, i saw camella's ad yesterday!  those three kids strolling along their village, and they had ice cream... then i wanted to eat ice cream, too!  so bambi bought one for me, london dairy no less!  but, i didn't eat much because guess what...?  it wasn't on a cone like those kids had.  yay... is this what pregnancy blues mean?

i really miss my son!  he wasn't this picky when he was in my tummy... not even one bit.  i was watching his videos yesterday and i missed him terribly, and i wanted to make time pass so quick and make it december already... anyways, 10 more months and ill be free from waking up so early just to be scolded, free from my boss' (sometimes) unreasonable mood swings, free from being disturbed at home for more work.  free, free, free.

anyways, i have some new stuff that i wanted to review so im going back to work and post them later.

Friday, February 12, 2010

thank You, for all the blessings, especially the one inside me..

it has been a great week for me!

i was originally planning to write a post about my terrific tuesday, but my luck ran through the rest of the week!

first, i was so happy to go to bcc with maricel last tuesday, coz with a girl i can go to shops that bambi cannot, and test their products on another person without complaints!  when we were with irish before, we always pass by mac to put on eyeshadows and liners. 

even if we were there for only two hours we went home happy coz we both had what we came for.  

she bought a nipper (which made her very happy,  as in very happy, because of a nipper)... and i was able to buy too faced shadow insurance.  at last! they have it in stock!

i always check it in sephora but its always out of stock, so even if i am waiting for my primer potion, i still stocked up on it and maybe sell the potion to maricel or irish, if i find shadow insurance better than it.  or maybe keep them both :) *vain*

i also bought a purifying brush shampoo, but im gonna return it coz the sales lady demonstrated the spray one, but she placed the gel type on my bag.  i was so disappointed when i found out at home.  

in fairness, she gave me a lot of sephora mattifying primer samples.  and these can last me for almost a month!

i also bought a nice-looking violet shade of nail polish from claire's... i was so excited to use this!

but all of my nail art will be put on hold because of a surprise!

then wednesday morning, four parcels from ebay came!  

first was the nyx lipglosses from u.s.!

in three beautiful shades!!!

pinky natural is my best lip gloss color coz it matches with any eyeshadow, apricot is a little turn-down coz the color is diluted, and soap opera queen is the most glamorous!  although, since i have been satisfied with long-lasting lip products i find that they fade too quickly.  and i hated reapplying.

i also received my avon mirror shine silver nail polish (for subtle konad effects like this one i found online:)

and 2 bottles of cuticle oils (coz kristelle took mine away),

and the rhinestones for my nails:

1800 rhinestones, and two clippers

sample nga! :D

then, wednesday night, bambi gave me quite a shock when he gifted me with a blackberry curve!  what?!!&*@(*?  this is for me?!?

i cannot believe that he bought this.  i told him so many times that i don't need a new mobile.  actually, i was really hoping to buy the hello kitty one.  but this is so freaking amazing and did not hesitate to accept it!  haha!  now i have my n95 as my roaming mobile.  *evil laugh*

then thursday morning i received my nail art brushes.  they are so cute!  and soft, and stiff, and i was so excited to use them.  but, as i was saying, all nail art sessions are cancelled until further notice... 
for an explanation of their purposes, watch this long and boring video...

then, (i saved the best for last), thursday night was the night when we found out that jared is officially a big brother!

the biggest surprise of my week!  i am 6 weeks pregnant!!!  i think i am still in shock and in awe, i cannot feel that im pregnant, nothing has changed in me, and there were no signs except that i was delayed, but there it is (with jared's result last 2007), and it is confirmed - i will be a mom of two!!!

what a blessed blessed week for me!  that's why i was so engrossed in cleaning our room today, as in super cleaning, not just wiping and stuff, and doing the laundry.  and it is a two-week's worth of laundry!

this is where i say thank You, for all the blessings, especially the one inside me.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

when friends become too busy

last night, we invited irish to pass by the office to 'accompany' me and maricel at american mission hospital for my check-up.

but it really was a kidnapping scheme, to get irish to come to our office with urgency.  coz maricel and i were actually planning to go to the mall.  we knew irish would bail at something that shallow, since her job is a full-time thing now.

its just that it has been along time since the three of us bonded, so we made up a story and told irish that it was important for me to have her there.

unfortunately, work was still the winning team.  can i imagine irish being so dedicated to her job to leave me with maricel?  it would be funny!

or maybe that moral support theory was not that convincing after all.

but it would also be the truth.  she has been so busy these days, and not unlike our previous ex-colleagues, she moved on and forgot...

maybe it is really so immature of me to force her to come here when she has to work.  it's not really like she was just being lazy or she wanted to hang out with different people now.

yeah, maybe i was being unfair.  but i also think that friends should make an effort to meet with old friends, especially those funny ones, because they're such good people to hang out with :P *selfish*

and speaking of prenatal check-ups, bambi is still not convinced that baby number 2 is on the way.  he has a lot of theories, like it's just cold, or maybe you drank a lot of coffee last month... and since i blew up my chance of knowing the results because of stupidly dropping the wiwi on the wrong place (where the results will show), i just have to wait until the 15th, exactly two weeks of delayed period before i decide to really go to the hospital, and not the mall.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

for people who thought marriage was easy...

you are all in for a rude awakening.

ok, given that there would be moments when you wish time would stop, that life was so sweet and you can live forever in just one place with your better-half, that's because your just beginning.

im not saying that marriage isn't bliss, its just that i have come to realize that it takes a lot of work, and i mean it when i say that it will take a lot of effort to make your relationship work.

there were times when talking isn't the solution, because it leads to more fighting.  you don't understand each other even if you try to.  you will be asking yourself what's the point of staying, when everyday you just make each other mad.  and time will come when you would just want to take the easy way out, coz it seems so hard to continue.

but why do we stay?  why do we put ourselves at stake?  why are we willing to humiliate ourselves, why would we lay down everything for the one person who basically is just another person in this planet?

then you realize what problems our parents or our grandparents must have suffered in their own, just to get to the point where they are and still stay together.  what did they sacrifice?  what did they do to make it last?

i did not know that it would be so complicated to intertwine your life with another person.

Friday, February 5, 2010

in the 'hood

this is my favorite day of the week.  and there it goes...

before the sun set i went outside for a walk and saw our nearby cosmetics shop.  i went inside and checked what they were selling.

apart from inexpensive makeups, they also have avon, but the brands that i would not choose if i am staring at their catalog, bath salts, at-home hair treatments and makeup brushes.  ooh, makeup brushes!

i have been searching for an inexpensive blush brush since my body shop blush brush is now disfigured.     its just 3 years old and barely used.  oh well...

when buying makeup brushes i always choose the ones at the back, coz the front ones were probably touched and rubbed a lot of times by a lot of people to check if its soft or the bristles are rough.  especially in packages that can be opened.  even if i do wash it before use, i still don't want to think that my brush has been contaminated.

this one's soft and cheap.  what a deal!

one more brush i bought is a face brush, which i saw on youtube is a great exfoliating brush.  just apply cleanser on your face and brush gently in circular motion.  its supposed to get rid of whitehead and blackheads.

good luck to me!

next is an eyelid protector when applying your mascara without smudging it on your eyelids.  i was so happy!  i was searching in ebay for something like this and turns out i have it in my neighborhood!?!

the hole in the middle is for your upper lashes, to allow you to put mascara on every single lash without smudging on your eyelids.  the top part is for your lower lashes.  and the bottom is for combing out your lashes afterwards.  

kudos to the one who invented this!

i also bought a nice smelling nail polish remover.  ok first, when my sister bought a nice-smelling nail polish remover before,  it was not so easy to take off your nail polish and it takes a long time for you to finish.  so i went back to acetone-based nail polish remover, which removes np as fast as melting them and keeps the np in the cotton ball and not on your fingers.  this one, however doesn't smell as strong as my normal acetone bottle, just a little.  it also rubs off your np with ease, but with black np i've found out that it drips the np on your fingers and so making your fingers look like a farmer's finger at the end of a long day.

and when i passed by a cold store guess what i found!?!?!?!

wheeee!!!  curly tops! you found me at last!  

i wasn't able to buy much coz i ran out of money but tomorrow for sure i'll buy more!


anyways, i did not do anything today, apart from cleaning the room.  it has been decided that laundry and grocery will be done tomorrow coz its bambi's off, so today i just lazed off in the afternoon sun.

in the morning i talked to bambi's mom and she was ok, i saw jared and he was concentrating on staring at another monitor.  he is kind of darker than when i last saw him.  and he was oblibivious to our faces on the screen.

in the afternoon after talking to my brothers and mother in ym i have found out that my mother in law talked to two of my aunties, who lives near their house and she was still saying that i can't go to their house when i go home.  i can't believe that she still hasn't moved on!  my mother and i agreed to let her do what she wants, we'll just let her be.  as far as i know, she has forgiven me already.  if she is still telling people about what happened then that's her deal.  i am shutting my mouth on the subject.

on another subject, my half-sister, rj, is going to celebrate her birthday on the 11th and today my mother and her father had a fight.  he left them, which he usually does for a while to cool off so im sure he'll be back.  that's why i promised rj i'll send something to let them celebrate her birthday.  

my two brothers are still undecided on what to do with their lives.  i told them to stop their illusion that im gonna bring them here because i wont, not without a college degree or a decent job experience.

kristelle, on the other hand, is suffering from migraine for 4 days now.  i am also going to ask the office about her uniform's encashment coz she said she would like to have a CT scan to check if there is something wrong.  i sure hope not, but im really hoping she will realize that excessive fatigue and excessive eating, along with turning on the ac after a long walk, is bad for her health.  she keeps ignoring her body's warning that she is not living healthily.  wake up sis!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

tgif, lame PCs and apologies

yes!  finally.  although it did come so fast.  i hope every week in bahrain is like this!

this week was so stressful, unlike before where i had to tend only for the office stuff, now i also have to manage my boss' international correspondence for his two new shops.  supplies and materials and quotations, even shipping...

and today, i have to walk a kilometer to get back to the office coz i went to the german embassy to take his daughter's visa.

apart from that, earlier this week my lame pc at work proved how deficient it is by pretending to have a virus and then totally crashed my system.  for 4 days i had to contend with using the internet for our mail server.

when it finally came to itself it tried to install my printer's driver for one whole morning.  imagine installing for one whole morning.  what a dingbat.

i thought i could go to the mall this afternoon but irish bailed on me at 4pm saying she's still at work.

so i just slept the whole afternoon.

and when i woke up i realized that my period is delayed for 4 days.  it's not unusual.  it usually is delayed for 4 days, problem is i have a weird feeling in my lower stomach, like ive been doing situps or something.

if jared is indeed going to be a kuya, then for sure ill go home for good on december.   i have no plans yet, but i know by that time i'll have enough to start our apartment even for just the first two floors.  then ill come back to work and try to finish the third floor when they are at least two years old.

i get kind of excited thinking about this!

anyways im gonna see jared tomorrow in ym.  his grandmother started getting dramatic again last week, and i apologized again for hurting them, especially to my father in law, because in all fairness to them, they do take care of jared the best way they can.

and my father in law really made my stay as comfortable as possible.  it is his feelings that i was concerned that most.

but i am so thankful that my biological mother is the most understanding mother of all time.  she doesn't shout back, she doesn't walk out.  she will take everything for my son.  what an unconditional love that i rarely see these days.

i also apologized to her.

my activist sister, however, tried playing games with my mind again, torturing me with her manipulative chuvaness.  i sometimes think that my son is so lucky, coz so many people are concerned for his well-being.

im slightly optimistic about the situation but to be realistic, i kind of tipped the balance between the two families and yeah, i think i am a little catastrophic.

if i am indeed pregnant, then maybe it is a sign.  anyways im still a little confused about my situation.  my crossroad never leaves, really.  it appears in every street, in every situation, in every decision.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hello kitty plush & pink makeup holder

is it tuesday night already?  i was just wondering why last friday came so fast and tomorrow is our last full-day at work again...

*no complaints here*

yes! one month with X!

since last week i have planned to blog but decided to sleep instead.  ok, real reason is that downloading images halts my plan.  but i really wanted to blog about a lot of things.  one, because i have begun changing my nail polish every two days again, and two, because bambi bought me the cutest, softest, most amazing hello kitty stuffed toy last friday!

"she sleeps most of the time" :)

weeeeee!!! so cute!

i have decided that my character now will be hello kitty, jared has long been kero kero keroppi (because he smiles like him), and bambi, well, maybe bad badtz maru XD

also, since i have been feeling artsy early this week i have decided that instead of buying a brush holder from ebay (below), i'll just make one.  seriously.

ok, apart from the ridiculous price of brush holders and the limitations in design, i have also tons of foam boards in the office, so i just visualized the design and cut the foam boards in different heights.  it took me three hours just to have these:

pretty decent yeah?

hold on...

after much double taping (a little help from bambi, coz im no genius in measurements :)) and stickers and painting, tada!  my own makeup brush holder is done!

it now owns the front area of my drawer because of its cuteness:

im pretty proud of myself! haha...

apart from that, i also had some art on my nails... 

first it was this one, manually made.  good thing i didn't use red or it will look like marlboro... its supposed to have rhinestones in the middle v like i saw on the internet but my order from hong kong hasn't arrived yet.

after the blue is the pink!  i was trying to make it like a double french manicure with pink at the end but i made the white area so wide that it looks like a normal stripe design.  bummer.

and last but not the least is the summer color of orange and green!  although its just starting to get cold here i cannot help but like the brightness and happy color feeling on my nails :)

and in one week i have already used up my my acetone bottle. 

that's pretty much it.  i have used up all my bragging powers, too...