Thursday, February 4, 2010

tgif, lame PCs and apologies

yes!  finally.  although it did come so fast.  i hope every week in bahrain is like this!

this week was so stressful, unlike before where i had to tend only for the office stuff, now i also have to manage my boss' international correspondence for his two new shops.  supplies and materials and quotations, even shipping...

and today, i have to walk a kilometer to get back to the office coz i went to the german embassy to take his daughter's visa.

apart from that, earlier this week my lame pc at work proved how deficient it is by pretending to have a virus and then totally crashed my system.  for 4 days i had to contend with using the internet for our mail server.

when it finally came to itself it tried to install my printer's driver for one whole morning.  imagine installing for one whole morning.  what a dingbat.

i thought i could go to the mall this afternoon but irish bailed on me at 4pm saying she's still at work.

so i just slept the whole afternoon.

and when i woke up i realized that my period is delayed for 4 days.  it's not unusual.  it usually is delayed for 4 days, problem is i have a weird feeling in my lower stomach, like ive been doing situps or something.

if jared is indeed going to be a kuya, then for sure ill go home for good on december.   i have no plans yet, but i know by that time i'll have enough to start our apartment even for just the first two floors.  then ill come back to work and try to finish the third floor when they are at least two years old.

i get kind of excited thinking about this!

anyways im gonna see jared tomorrow in ym.  his grandmother started getting dramatic again last week, and i apologized again for hurting them, especially to my father in law, because in all fairness to them, they do take care of jared the best way they can.

and my father in law really made my stay as comfortable as possible.  it is his feelings that i was concerned that most.

but i am so thankful that my biological mother is the most understanding mother of all time.  she doesn't shout back, she doesn't walk out.  she will take everything for my son.  what an unconditional love that i rarely see these days.

i also apologized to her.

my activist sister, however, tried playing games with my mind again, torturing me with her manipulative chuvaness.  i sometimes think that my son is so lucky, coz so many people are concerned for his well-being.

im slightly optimistic about the situation but to be realistic, i kind of tipped the balance between the two families and yeah, i think i am a little catastrophic.

if i am indeed pregnant, then maybe it is a sign.  anyways im still a little confused about my situation.  my crossroad never leaves, really.  it appears in every street, in every situation, in every decision.

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