Saturday, June 26, 2010

sana mapromote si daddy!

pag napromote daw si bambi, dadalhin na lang namin si jared dito, tapos di na ko magwowork, ako na lang mag aalaga sa kanilang dalawa...

wow, ang sarap naman!

let's keep our fingers crossed!

Monday, June 21, 2010


i have no interest in painting my nails since last week.  maybe because their awfuly short now... ill just have wait for a few more weeks.

though i received my most awaited rimmel insolence, CND stickey and Seche vite from amazon already...

which confuses me.  CND said their stickey is 3-free (that's why i bought it), which means there is  no toulene, folmaldehyde or DBP, but when i checked the ingredients in the bottle, hello toluene!  seche vite has it too, but at least they don't advertise that they are 3-free.  which also adds to my disinterest for nail art this week.

toluene, DBP and formaldehyde are the ingredients that health buffs are rallying against nail polish manufacturers to be removed because of harmful effects to the body, although its still being debated because of the 'insignificant' amount of it in nail polish to cause a concern.  but still i did not use any during my first trimester, when the baby's organ development is crucial.  and also i hated the fumes...

good thing my sally hansen and rimmel is free of those... but for konad?  good luck, DBP and toluene are both present.  that's why i would never paint konad straight on my bare nails again.

in the meantime im just using the cuticle oil i received last week from a seller in hong kong.  and i love cuticle oils on bare and buffed nails, so after using magiff buff (you know those three-way buffs?) i just use these pen dispensers and voila, presentable bare nails.  

5th prenatal appointment

i gained 2 kilos in one month.  haha.  total weight gain now is 6 kilos, and im just on my 6th month... prepare for some serious weight gain now that im finishing my 2nd trimester :D

last night was my 5th prenatal appointment, no ultrasound (not again) but i was surprised to see a scheduled vaccination for diphtheria/tetanus... so i went home with a sore arm which still hurts until now...

plus another disappointment from pizza hut when i was expecting a very large pizza (it says 'calls for teamwork') and it turns out it just almost as big as their large.  stupid flyers floating around...

im just happy to go home these days coz i see my bravia :)
32 inch baby!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

music for babies

tulad ni jared, me music lessons na rin si bopbop baby kahit in utero pa rin sya :)  same music kase hindi ko naman dinelete sa mac ko ung johnson & johnson's, mozart at nursery songs ni jared dati.

kaya hindi ako magtataka kung dancing queen din ito paglabas haha...

kagabi naka-surround pa kami kaso na-boring ako kakakinig (nakikisali kasi) kaya ngayon sa headphones na lang, sya na lang mag isa makinig habang nasa office kami...

araw-araw na to hanggang lumabas na sya... ano kaya, singer ito o dancer din tulad ni kuya?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

pregnancy take two

5 and a half months into my second pregnancy and  i can already list the differences between jared and our new baby..

of course, now im not so paranoid about food and drinks, but still a little careful on what i put inside my tummy.

in comparison, i could call myself detoxified when i found out i was pregnant for the first time.  i was decided to do everything right.  but now im more relaxed.  i don't worry about the small stuff like being super healthy all the time.

  • i did not drink coffee or tea, unlike now - but i only take decaf to wake myself up in the morning, and only a few warm sips.  and tea once in a while, when i feel so full from breakfast.

  • i was always drinking calcium-fortified milk in the evenings before.  maybe that's why jared has such strong teeth... (ok, i better start doing that again somehow)  

  • i was super into cooking.  even if it's hot in the kitchen, every night i'd be thinking of something to cook just to hear the garlic pop when i put it in hot oil... i loved it then.  but now i actually had a restaurant deliver food every lunch so i don't have to cook until dinner...

  • i loved oranges with jared.  now i like mangoes.

  • i felt prettier then.  i think my skin is dull nowadays.

  • i was hardworking, i wanted people to say 'wow, she's a working pregnant lady!'  and i even worked until the first day of my labor.  now i always envy people who can wake up anytime they like and i try finding excuses to not go to work in the morning.. and in the afternoon :)

  • i never had trouble sleeping before.  now i feel aches and pains in my back, and cramps on my legs.  and i always wake up in the middle of the night...

  • i felt my baby kick earlier than usual, just 4 and a half months into pregnancy, and i feel her kick more painful now that im on my way to 6 months!  its like jared's nine-month kick.

  • i still did not have morning sickness, and just a little vomiting spell in the morning, but headaches are such a pain this time around, they usually come every two weeks and stay for 2 days...  though my OB told me it's safe to take paracetamol im still determined not to take medicines when im pregnant.  (bambi was kind of amazed when i went through childbirth without any painkillers at all...)

  • omg, the constipation...  its worse!

  • junkfood cravings - double up!  but my meal portions are smaller now.

one good thing though, i learned that being pregnant doesn't mean its a free for all buffet all the time.  i previously thought it was a good excuse to eat whatever i want and blame the weight on the pregnancy.  but now i only eat what i can, coz too much or too little makes me vomit.

next update: wait til im 9 months.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

its a girl!

simula nung bata pa kami, naglalaro kami ng sinulid, karayom at lapis para malaman kung ilan ang magiging anak mo at kung sinu-sino ang babae o lalaki.  meron pa ngang huhulaan ka daw kunyari, tapos dpeende sa ridges sa gilid ng palad mo e malalaman din kung ilan ang magiging junakis mo...

naisip ko lang, pano kung di magkapareho ang lalabas sa inyo ng asawa mo? haha, lagot sya...

so anyways, alam ko na kahit dati pa na lalaki talaga ang magiging first baby ko.  kaya ang confident ko non nung iniscan na ko ng radiologist dahil di pa man nya sinasabi, alam ko na (at kita rin ung tutuy bago pa man sya magsalita haha).  pero ngayon...

 di ako ganon ka-confident kahit alam ko sa loob ko na babae ang second baby namin.  lagi kasi akong natatalo pag nakikipagpustahan ako kay bambi.  kaya napasigaw talaga ako sa tuwa nung sinabi ng radiologist na babae sya!  babae po ang anak ko!  ang saya saya ko grabe!  

ngayon alam ko na na tama pa rin ang chinese lunar calendar :D

at ang pinakaexciting sa lahat?  MAGSHO-SHOPPING AKO NG MGA PINK NA BABY STUFF!!! aminin, ang sarap magshopping noon para kay jared dahil first baby at excited ka sa lahat ng mga nakikita mo sa mothercare, pero ngayon, mas excited ako kase ang dami-daming cute na gamit para sa babae!  i can't wait for my 8th month!  para masimulan na ang shopping!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bagong nailpolishes...

nag ayos ako ng nailpolishes today... since back to zero ako nung binenta ko kay irish lahat nung nalaman kong buntis ako again, nakakatuwa kapag meron uli akong nakakalikot na mga nail polish :)

strawberry-scented nail polish remover, sally hansen pink and blue, claire's violet and chocolate brown, small avon mirror shine nail polish, clear nail polishes, avon liquid freeze quick dry spray, cuticle oils, collection 2000 nail polishes, china glaze matte magic, konad nail polishes, stampers, scrapers, metal plates, magiff buff, konad emery board, butterfly canes and rhinestones.

and, eto ang nail polish ko this week, pangalawa na to kase ayoko nung una, kaya nga hindi ko na pinicture-an...

konad m25 with red wine konad nail polish + green rhinestones

a different one for my thumb, but still from the same plate...

actually kakarating lang ng rhinestones ko from an ebay seller in hongkong, super mura, parang 2-3 dollars lang ata, grabe at ang dami... kaya ginamit ko na agad hehe...

ok lang kahit sa karton na lang sya nakalagay...

photo of the week: fisheye! haha

actually galing kay ate lourdes ang gold ball na ito, na may lamang mabangong lotion!  hindi ko alam kung bakit nya ko binigyan pero bongga di ba, charitable! 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

review: avon liquid freeze quick dry spray

if, like me, you get impatient waiting for your nails to dry...

and if, like me, you tend to feel like going to the bathroom as soon as you put the top coat on your nails...

and if, like me, you wake up with bedsheet marks on your nails...

and you get so pissed off because you worked so hard on your nail art, or you just felt like all the efforts waiting for the first coat, second coat, konad, then top coat on your nails to dry have been useless...

then this is one solution for you!

i have seen so many fast dry spray but this is the most environment-friendly coz it doesn't have aerosol propellants.

and the most important answer of course - yes it works!

it does dry your nails like magic, and with just three sprays on each hand since one spray can reach 2-3 nails.

problem is, the oil.  it's super oily.  so if you are super impatient and you spray after each coat, you have to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards because the next coat will not stick if your nails are oily.

so i only spray after konad and after top coat.  i just let the first two base coats dry naturally.  but, since it still cuts my nailpolish time in half, im pretty satisfied with it...

hooray for avon!

also: quick review for sephora purifying brush shampoo

of course, when my baby's shampoo ran out i tried to buy a more professional brush cleaner since the OC in me wants to wash them every week (daily for the foundation brush, which, i found out, was the cause for my previous pimples just because i didn't realize you have to wash it daily...)...

and i found it in sephora, which is triple the price of a baby shampoo but makes my brushes so soft, plus the fact that it is antibacterial :)

ive been using this bottle for 5 months now and it is still half-full, so i think you're money's worth it, and your face, too.  my bare escentuals kabuki brush never felt softer even when it was new until i wash it with this, and it decently cleans my eyeshadow brushes and eyeliner brushes, too.

never mind the eye primer on the photo, too faced shadow insurance works, everyone knows that.  im just trying to finish it so i can compare it to urban decay primer potion.

Friday, June 4, 2010

i love our new speakers! boom boom!!!

logitec 5.1 speakers with subwoofer

super nawawala ako sa sarili ko pag nakafull volume ang "halo" ni beyonce, i love iiittt!!!  what's more, hindi sya mahal... ahahah!

new year's wish #12 granted!

konad A Set



super saya ko talaga... nabili ko na sya finally!!!  at ang bait pa ni ate, pinapili nya ko ng mga plates kaya nakakuha ako ng magaganda, pati nail polish nakuha ko rin ung mga wala ako dati tulad ng pink, black pearl, may gold at silver pa!  im so happy!!!

Konad A Set Contents:
-10 Large Special Polishes 10ml
- 1 Top coat 10ml
-10 Image Plate (Assorted Round)
- 1 Rhinestone Set
- 1 Emery Board
- 1 3-Way Buffer
- 1 Stamp
- 1 Scraper
- 1 Tweezer

at me libre pa kong strawberry scented nail polish remover at collagen masks... weee...

andaming plates!  omagasshhhzzz!

with old stamp/scraper/plates and new ones

ang sipag sipag ko na naman magnail art nito....

konad m61 at different colors

konad m61 with red konad, m57 with avon mirror shine (coz silver konad nail polish is not that opaque, and the gold? the gold sucks), m56 with white konad on sally hansen pink base, m61 with white konad on sally hansen blue base, and black konad on m57 plate.  you choose.

konad m57 with avon mirror shine nail polish, claire's chocolate base with china glaze matte magic.  and rhinestones~

and i love china glaze matte magic!!! its like having a whole new set of polishes because your nail color changes from glossy to matte after this top coat and i love it!!!

it makes my pink sally hansen look frosted!