Friday, June 4, 2010

konad A Set



super saya ko talaga... nabili ko na sya finally!!!  at ang bait pa ni ate, pinapili nya ko ng mga plates kaya nakakuha ako ng magaganda, pati nail polish nakuha ko rin ung mga wala ako dati tulad ng pink, black pearl, may gold at silver pa!  im so happy!!!

Konad A Set Contents:
-10 Large Special Polishes 10ml
- 1 Top coat 10ml
-10 Image Plate (Assorted Round)
- 1 Rhinestone Set
- 1 Emery Board
- 1 3-Way Buffer
- 1 Stamp
- 1 Scraper
- 1 Tweezer

at me libre pa kong strawberry scented nail polish remover at collagen masks... weee...

andaming plates!  omagasshhhzzz!

with old stamp/scraper/plates and new ones

ang sipag sipag ko na naman magnail art nito....

konad m61 at different colors

konad m61 with red konad, m57 with avon mirror shine (coz silver konad nail polish is not that opaque, and the gold? the gold sucks), m56 with white konad on sally hansen pink base, m61 with white konad on sally hansen blue base, and black konad on m57 plate.  you choose.

konad m57 with avon mirror shine nail polish, claire's chocolate base with china glaze matte magic.  and rhinestones~

and i love china glaze matte magic!!! its like having a whole new set of polishes because your nail color changes from glossy to matte after this top coat and i love it!!!

it makes my pink sally hansen look frosted!


susies1955 said...

Really nice manicures. LOVE the colors and designs. I've used Matte Magic once and should try it more.

tin10 said...

omg susie, i saw your nail polish collection and i was blown away!!!

i wish i could have something like that too! but if i will, ill probably turn it into a business so i can profit from my passion, how about you? is that your collection only or you also use it as a money-making venture?

thanks for visiting by the way! hope to see you again here..

susies1955 said...

:) Maybe one day you will have a Nail Polish Station even better than mine.
This is a hobby for me and if I go to making money it will be a JOB. :)
Oh I'll be here again.

Koloralia NailArt said...

I have Essie Matte about You and it's great like the China Glaze version, because you get to have double the amount of polish that you had.