Friday, April 27, 2012

Bright idea :)

I took home an old cd rack from the office (along with some old cd cases) and turned it into a makeup cabinet!

What a really good idea, right?

I can even customize the height of each level by putting each cd rack into the level i need :)

Now i can see everything i need in front of me: sunglasses, eyeshadows, blushes, primers, brushes and perfumes.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I love this red lipstick!

I did not own any red lipstick until 2012 coz its just too bold to use, but i just love this one from nyx!!!

mommy's red lips versus bembem's natural ones.  i think my baby won :)

especially when i use it with too faced lip insurance! ka-boom! the color just fixes my whole face, and that's all the make up that i need :)

though my problem is that it sometimes would not go into my inner lips, so i have this fine line of red color on my outer lipline, and my natural lip color peeks through in the middle.  how to fix this? i still don't know, i just load up on lip primer each time and pucker after puckering it just blends away..

face powders of the moment

nyx black label compact powder and too faced absolutely invisible translucent powder:

i don't usually use face powders because i have been relying on bare escentuals mineral veil for 5 years now but i cannot get one with an affordable price online, and im really cost-cutting at the moment :) so i had to try one of these which are affordable and got really good reviews.

i had nyx first, because it was on sale at bcc, and when my mineral veil ran out i switched to it immediately.  i really love the big mirror, on the photo above you can see that the top cover swivels, but it also flips like this so you can use the mirror while using the powder:

the powder is matte, and it gives a nice finish after i use benefit's some kinda gorgeous foundation faker, but it doesn't have the wow factor that i get with mineral veil, which has a blurring effect to the face that it's almost translucent to see, i don't know how to explain it but think of a really sheer highlighter which has no shine but has good coverage.  oh, i miss it now :(

nyx does the job, yes, but it's just that. nothing absolutely amazing... but for now it's ok for everyday use... and it looks nice, too :)

but this is cuter:

"why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?"   it :)
i ordered it online but my first buy was cancelled by the seller so i had to look for another affordable one, and when i did, i happened to buy nyx at the local mall, and this one arrived 3 weeks later..

when i first tried it i had to use the pink sponge that was included, because i was rushing to f1 and i did not have time to get a brush.  i patted it on my face and it looked cakey!  totally horrible :-S i don't know why they have to put a sponge that will ruin the quality of their product (?), coz when i used it at home the next morning using a bare escentuals heavenly face brush which looks flat (or a round kabuki / any big face brush will do) it was almost invisible to the face, so amazing how your mediums can affect the products that you use :)!

now im so happy with it coz it's a good replacement for b.e. mineral veil, and i only need a little product  to cover my whole face :) i love it i love it i love it :)

so, that's my review for now, i am looking forward to another one which will cover bhcosmetics brushes!  *excited*

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Too faced pre-review

I just received my too faced absolutely invisible translucent powder today and im excited to review it along with too faced leopard love that i love-love-love :)

Will do it in the afternoon if vina will not drag me to f1 (she might get us two free tickets!) *excited*

Oh no!

I saw one white hair sticking out of my head this morning :( waahh!