Monday, February 28, 2011

finally, brown, you're here...

i ordered brown contact lenses from because francis is still not used to the fact that my eyes are now honey-colored ^_^
freshlook colorblends HONEY

freshlook colorblends BROWN

anyways, i got them in brown, with my new prescriptions (500/600)

and guess what? they arrived in just one week (i was expecting three-four weeks) even though i ordered in the US. although, i think they have a base in singapore coz my parcel came from there.

whatever, i was just not used to online stores being so quick in their delivery.  i was so happy and im excited to try them out later!

they are also half the price than what i paid for when i bought my honey lenses here in bahrain.  it cost me BD14 ($37) each box which has two lenses, and since i have different grades for my left and right eye i have to purchase 2 boxes, so it was a relief to find them cheap and reliable!

here is the comparison for honey vs brown:

honey is really so light in color, i have friends who got shocked when i first wore it.  brown is a more comfortable color for me.

quick review:
although freshlook is a popular brand, i would rather buy my old brand FOCUS.  although i have no difficulty in putting freshlook lenses and while it is in my eyes, it is very comfortable. however if i have to remove it from my eye and i have no solution on hand, i find it very difficult to put back because it dries so easily.  not like Focus.  i kind of panicked when i removed freshlook from my eyes because i thought it would tear because it was so dry.  good thing i placed it back on my eyes before it happened.

my original brand

my new brand

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY facial mist a la green tea

i love green tea as a drink, but for a facial mist?  why not?

since it is full of anti-oxidants, it is probably good for my face ^_^ and it is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. let your green tea bag stand in half a cup of boiling water.  half a cup only, since you cannot finish 1 cup in a week, and you need to replace it weekly.
  2. when totally cold, put it in a clean spray bottle.  refrigerate if you want.
  3. after cleaning your face, spray liberally all over.  massage it gently then spray again.  then apply your moisturizer/suncscreen/whatever the heck you want to put in your face.

yes, i labelled it, in case i use the other spray bottle which contains alcohol (LOL)

you can also carry a small spray bottle in your purse for a quick and refreshing spray any time of the day!

you may not see the results quickly, but at the very most it is at least a cheap alternative to supermarket facial mists!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

i love bargains!

that's why im addicted to ebay ^_^.

these pump-dispensers (plus spray) are cheap on ebay, i bought the set for $3.  and only one piece of pump dispenser i saw in bcc costs the same!

yes, i labelled them, too.  i have monica-like oc-ness..

this is convenient for the nail polish remover, coz in nail art you have to keep the nail polish remover at your side all the time, and keeping the cover open vaporises it.

so using this, just pump the dish at the top of the bottle to get some NPR.  releasing the pump keeps the NPR on the dish, ready for a quick dip from your best friend, the cotton bud.  and the rest is safe inside the bottle.  bless them for inventing it ^_^

aside from this, let me share other bargain finds:

nail plates from a seller in Estonia:

three pieces cost only $7.6, and are almost the same as real konad plates, except without the engraved konad word at the front and the paper at the back.

real one at the top, fake one bottom

comparing to the $20.70 i paid for three real ones T_T

the fake plates are not blue, by the way, they are just plastic covers that you need to peel before using:

and the most recent one i found in our local mall:

see the huge discount!?!?
the cutest drawer with the sweetest price!! the only catch is the knob at the bottom drawer is missing:

but bambi fixed it already, and it may be weird looking but at least it works! ^_^

bambi found this knob from their own home fashion store

it now sits pretty on my table:

and the cheapest of them all:

these dangling earrings cost only 27 US cents at Accessorize during their latest sale!  what a deal, right?!?!!

i love shopping, but i love saving even more!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

how to prepare for an evacuation

because we have an unstable status here right now, and i saw our embassy's contingency plan this morning, i would like to share an evacuation plan in case we need one.  i can't make this all up by myself, of course i got it from the internet... high five internet, high five!

i did panic buying like everyone else last thursday, but i think i have to do it again coz i finished most of the biscuits and bread over the weekend ^_^

1.  make sure you have enough water for at least two weeks.  especially for me coz i have my little one, i stocked extra in case the cold stores run out of bottled water.

  1. 1. i have also stocked some milton sterilising tablets, which kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.  it will take over sterilising the baby's bottles in case of a black out.  and to sterilise drinking water in case of a water shortage.  cool huh...

  1. 2.  have extra cans of powdered milk for the little ones.  and diapers.

2. i have also stock rice, bread and other carb and protein-rich food, and easy to cook noodles.

3.  make sure the important documents (passport, birth certificate, etc) are in a safe and easy to find location.

4.  prescriptions and medicines should also be on-hand. especially for the babies.

5.  keep cash on hand for emergencies.  also make sure that you have extra load on your mobile (and batteries) and petrol on your car.

6.  a first aid kit may come in handy.  alcohol, cottons, lighter (for sanitizing items), scissors, flashlight, thermometer and other stuff you may need, like hand sanitizers (for water-free cleansing) and tissues.

7.  hygiene products, if you are going to be stuck in an evacuation site, at least you don't have to ask others for shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.

8.  if you are going to bring canned foods, don't forget the can-opener ^_^

9.  three change of clothing is acceptable.  but more for babies.

10.  if you are expecting a water shortage, disposable utensils and resealable plastic bags are handy.

11.  contact lens wearers, don't forget your solutions.

12.  most of all, don't panic.

life can be stressful at times but if you prepare beforehand, you can at least save time and worry about the more important stuff.  like finding an airplane.  ^_^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

amazing and disturbing at the same time

there are so much unrest since the 14th and we are praying that nobody we know will get hurt, and that it will be over soon.  

man vs wild

he is the one who throws himself to a remote location to show how to survive such tasks, and he's so amazing! i watched his top 25 last night and i could believe the things he did!!!

from what i remember, once he was in a desert and for hydration he opened a dead camel's stomach and squeezed the undigested stuff to his mouth, and once he also used snakeskin to store his pee and drank it a little while later... and he also ate big grubs (white worms resembling catterpillars but without hairs) and spiders RAW! and my most favorite: using his fingers as bait. he actually caught a 20-pound fish!

after "bite me", his show is my next favorite!!!

see details here: Discovery Channel's Man Vs. Wild

Saturday, February 12, 2011

urban decay naked

did you know that last week i was one of the lucky few who got an email from urban decay saying that i can now purchase their limited bestseller and super out of stock NAKED palette?

unfotunately for me i have to choose between this and the gift for my auntie who got married at 49 (i reached my credit card limit ^_^) so i chose to buy her the gift, even though i was waiting for this palette for four months now.  hey, her's was more important anyway right?  besides, i am not that ugly to begin with hehehe!

here's the gift:

i just psyched myself to think that i don't need another eyeshadow palette and i made the right choice.  besides, i just received the avon neutrals palette last month and the quality is very good, too!  i was so impressed...

this palette is the closest i can get to UD Naked ^_^

i also have new eyeshadows in neutral colors and pastel packaging:

hard candy eyeshadows (the pink is the caramel and green one is butterscotch) are good too, but they have shimmers, not a good idea for office looks ^_^ but they are so darn cute!!!

and the best are the two urban decay eyeshadows i have(upper right): oil slick (black with glitters) and twice baked (brown)! just a little amount is needed and the color already is so rich!

and, my hello kitty eyeshadows are cute, too, but i rarely use them coz i am more into neutrals nowadays...

see the kitty?

it has an applicator at the bottom, which i now use in my sponge nail art ^_^

guess i have to wait for another palette that gives me love at first sight!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

apple apple mac mac apple apple mac (sing it)

my old charger decided to leave me for good...

RIP dude
so i had to, i really had to buy a new one at our local apple store, and went i went there my mouth started drooling at...

their newest macbook:

and the imac:

and the ipad:

and the small ipod touch:

and the universal dock for bambi's iphone with remote control!

i want to buy them all!!!  but alas i only have money for the charger...

there you go $120.....
so after drooling, i went back to the office, and again... the weird looking plug!

what am i gonna do with you???
i will have to use the short plug again, then... but at least the magnetic plug to the laptop looks cool:

you have to keep it the other way, though, so you can use the other sockets...

and i doubt the word magsafe here. coz the old one easily unholds itself if you accidentally trip on your cables, therefore keeping your macbook safely on the table.  this one is also magnetic, but the position presents a problem if you trip.  i think it will drag your laptop. 

i don't wanna test it, though ^_^

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

weee... got new konads!

and i am super excited to use them ^_^