Sunday, February 20, 2011

i love bargains!

that's why im addicted to ebay ^_^.

these pump-dispensers (plus spray) are cheap on ebay, i bought the set for $3.  and only one piece of pump dispenser i saw in bcc costs the same!

yes, i labelled them, too.  i have monica-like oc-ness..

this is convenient for the nail polish remover, coz in nail art you have to keep the nail polish remover at your side all the time, and keeping the cover open vaporises it.

so using this, just pump the dish at the top of the bottle to get some NPR.  releasing the pump keeps the NPR on the dish, ready for a quick dip from your best friend, the cotton bud.  and the rest is safe inside the bottle.  bless them for inventing it ^_^

aside from this, let me share other bargain finds:

nail plates from a seller in Estonia:

three pieces cost only $7.6, and are almost the same as real konad plates, except without the engraved konad word at the front and the paper at the back.

real one at the top, fake one bottom

comparing to the $20.70 i paid for three real ones T_T

the fake plates are not blue, by the way, they are just plastic covers that you need to peel before using:

and the most recent one i found in our local mall:

see the huge discount!?!?
the cutest drawer with the sweetest price!! the only catch is the knob at the bottom drawer is missing:

but bambi fixed it already, and it may be weird looking but at least it works! ^_^

bambi found this knob from their own home fashion store

it now sits pretty on my table:

and the cheapest of them all:

these dangling earrings cost only 27 US cents at Accessorize during their latest sale!  what a deal, right?!?!!

i love shopping, but i love saving even more!

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