Saturday, February 19, 2011

how to prepare for an evacuation

because we have an unstable status here right now, and i saw our embassy's contingency plan this morning, i would like to share an evacuation plan in case we need one.  i can't make this all up by myself, of course i got it from the internet... high five internet, high five!

i did panic buying like everyone else last thursday, but i think i have to do it again coz i finished most of the biscuits and bread over the weekend ^_^

1.  make sure you have enough water for at least two weeks.  especially for me coz i have my little one, i stocked extra in case the cold stores run out of bottled water.

  1. 1. i have also stocked some milton sterilising tablets, which kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.  it will take over sterilising the baby's bottles in case of a black out.  and to sterilise drinking water in case of a water shortage.  cool huh...

  1. 2.  have extra cans of powdered milk for the little ones.  and diapers.

2. i have also stock rice, bread and other carb and protein-rich food, and easy to cook noodles.

3.  make sure the important documents (passport, birth certificate, etc) are in a safe and easy to find location.

4.  prescriptions and medicines should also be on-hand. especially for the babies.

5.  keep cash on hand for emergencies.  also make sure that you have extra load on your mobile (and batteries) and petrol on your car.

6.  a first aid kit may come in handy.  alcohol, cottons, lighter (for sanitizing items), scissors, flashlight, thermometer and other stuff you may need, like hand sanitizers (for water-free cleansing) and tissues.

7.  hygiene products, if you are going to be stuck in an evacuation site, at least you don't have to ask others for shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.

8.  if you are going to bring canned foods, don't forget the can-opener ^_^

9.  three change of clothing is acceptable.  but more for babies.

10.  if you are expecting a water shortage, disposable utensils and resealable plastic bags are handy.

11.  contact lens wearers, don't forget your solutions.

12.  most of all, don't panic.

life can be stressful at times but if you prepare beforehand, you can at least save time and worry about the more important stuff.  like finding an airplane.  ^_^

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