Thursday, February 3, 2011

apple apple mac mac apple apple mac (sing it)

my old charger decided to leave me for good...

RIP dude
so i had to, i really had to buy a new one at our local apple store, and went i went there my mouth started drooling at...

their newest macbook:

and the imac:

and the ipad:

and the small ipod touch:

and the universal dock for bambi's iphone with remote control!

i want to buy them all!!!  but alas i only have money for the charger...

there you go $120.....
so after drooling, i went back to the office, and again... the weird looking plug!

what am i gonna do with you???
i will have to use the short plug again, then... but at least the magnetic plug to the laptop looks cool:

you have to keep it the other way, though, so you can use the other sockets...

and i doubt the word magsafe here. coz the old one easily unholds itself if you accidentally trip on your cables, therefore keeping your macbook safely on the table.  this one is also magnetic, but the position presents a problem if you trip.  i think it will drag your laptop. 

i don't wanna test it, though ^_^

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