Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my most favorite free mac app

sweet home 3d!

it is so easy to make a model of your dream house, and it has 2 views : layout view and 3d view.  i think i have 4 houses modelled from this app complete with stairs and curtains and wall paints.  the only downside is that you have to model each floor one by one (no, you cannot make them like you do in the sims!)

you can see from their gallery here what you can do

but the good part is that now we are going to start our house and im gonna finalize the layout i made before so i can send it to the philippines then they can start with the blueprint stuff, etc....

Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas nail art

i got the design from askmewhats.blogspot.com and i know, hers is better, but i love what i did anyway ^_^

that's yvaine's hand at the background :)

and here with askmewhats as as background :)
merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

waking up from a deep slumber

since i went for vacation last december 2009, i always said that i was like a zombie, just cruising my daily life without gusto, but now that my second baby, yvaine, is here, i am like a super duper awake mother.  she cries like she's been spanked! all the time!

bambi spoils her... she'll be a super duper daddy's girl.

so that's my excuse for not blogging for a very loooong time.

and my inspiration for making my (probably) last post in 2010 is my makeup table!

my space and his space ^_^

bambi made me one, finally!!! i was so happy and most of yvaine's sleeping hours i just sit there and stare at the sparkly, glossy, and super awesome makeup collection that i have.  i don't have a lot.  but i used to place them before in the corner shelf that we have:

but now i feel like a girl coz i finally have a place to have them like a proper kikay girl would have:

and i use everything here!  i don't buy anything i don't use, and most of these items have been replenished a lot of times because i stick to a product once i deemed it 'tested and proven' ^_^

that little binder book at the top holds my eye stuff, look:

what a great find from daiso!

and that's the brush holder i made before!

i also received a lot of cosmetics the past few days that i was so happy to add, but that will be on another post.

and i also created an album in facebook where i posted all of my nail art, but i didn't publish it.  maybe i will once i make my christmas nail art, which i got from askmewhats.blogspot.com

and since it is 4 days before christmas, i'll share our little christmas tree which i love especially when it's dark!

it looks electrified ^_^