Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hello kitty plush & pink makeup holder

is it tuesday night already?  i was just wondering why last friday came so fast and tomorrow is our last full-day at work again...

*no complaints here*

yes! one month with X!

since last week i have planned to blog but decided to sleep instead.  ok, real reason is that downloading images halts my plan.  but i really wanted to blog about a lot of things.  one, because i have begun changing my nail polish every two days again, and two, because bambi bought me the cutest, softest, most amazing hello kitty stuffed toy last friday!

"she sleeps most of the time" :)

weeeeee!!! so cute!

i have decided that my character now will be hello kitty, jared has long been kero kero keroppi (because he smiles like him), and bambi, well, maybe bad badtz maru XD

also, since i have been feeling artsy early this week i have decided that instead of buying a brush holder from ebay (below), i'll just make one.  seriously.

ok, apart from the ridiculous price of brush holders and the limitations in design, i have also tons of foam boards in the office, so i just visualized the design and cut the foam boards in different heights.  it took me three hours just to have these:

pretty decent yeah?

hold on...

after much double taping (a little help from bambi, coz im no genius in measurements :)) and stickers and painting, tada!  my own makeup brush holder is done!

it now owns the front area of my drawer because of its cuteness:

im pretty proud of myself! haha...

apart from that, i also had some art on my nails... 

first it was this one, manually made.  good thing i didn't use red or it will look like marlboro... its supposed to have rhinestones in the middle v like i saw on the internet but my order from hong kong hasn't arrived yet.

after the blue is the pink!  i was trying to make it like a double french manicure with pink at the end but i made the white area so wide that it looks like a normal stripe design.  bummer.

and last but not the least is the summer color of orange and green!  although its just starting to get cold here i cannot help but like the brightness and happy color feeling on my nails :)

and in one week i have already used up my my acetone bottle. 

that's pretty much it.  i have used up all my bragging powers, too... 

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