Monday, January 25, 2010

curly tops

curls in 20 minutes. dare to believe?

i have been enjoying playing curls with my hair with my new hair straightener and i even wake up 10 minutes earlier to give me enough time to curl my hair in the morning, which is not my usual habit.  i even bring it to the office in the afternoon to curl maricel's hair :D and she loves jml wet straight pro, too!

i will start my salon soon!  support me!  XD

well, yesterday, my usual boring routine was disturbed when i have to go to my boss' chocolate shop again to take pictures.  and i have to pass by the mall to ask for free calendars for his daughter, hear me say 'pity me, i don't know what date is today... do you have a free calendar? :)' haha, no, not really...

i know the time, do you know the date?

im slightly patriotic.  do you have a calendar with philippine holidays?

i got home late and my consolation was that bambi already cooked and i got free chocolates from my boss' high-end shop... yipee, choco goodness! i wonder when i'll be back!

i have reinforcement!  i totaly finished my flat tops chocolate ;(

then, and my boss' daughter noticed that my face was glowing, and she asked me what foundation i use, so i instinctively said benefit and she was already saying 'i love benefit!!!' when i remembered i woke up late that afternoon and just used pond's powder... well, nevermind, it was probably the honey and orange that changed my face this week anyway, coz maricel noticed my face last saturday, too.

but confusion came today, coz my new bare escentuals foundation came in medium tan, i was using medium beige before and some days i think it makes my face lighter than it is. so i checked the swatch on my hand, and it is slightly nearer to my skintone... although looking at it from the sifter's cover, it looks really dark.

i will start using them tomorrow and see if benefit can make me buy a new foundation faker (coz i am finishing my first buy) or ill go back to bare escentuals...

and this is my new nailpolish!  i totally love this!  i can't show you how to make it coz i am way too lazy to take photos of step-by-step instructions but basically i painted my nail pink, then painted a litttle half of them red, and on the line separating the two colors i painted z-like blue.  i then used konad for the white dots on the pink.  it is so rocker cool!

irish will totally love this when she sees it!

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