Thursday, January 21, 2010

unhappy days

well, im not exactly sad, but my enthusiasm in life wasn't the same as before i left for manila.  i was high all the time back then, and now... i don't know...

maybe i need to go malling.

anyways, it's our girl's night out later, since it has been a crazy week for irish.  so load up the alcohol girl... good thing it's the weekend, for i had enough sitting in the office with nothing to do.  and i hate it because it makes time pass slowwwer...

i did not elaborate on my time in manila because basically, i did not venture out into more than the 5 kilometer radius of bambi's house.  i thought i would be free, but it turns out that having a little kid makes it way different than planning a vacation when you were single.  i did not regret it, however, coz every day i spent with jared was pure sunshine.

although i did get tired most of the time, and i slept a lot.  i wasn't able to eat any street food than isaw, i wasn't able to go to mall of asia or ocean park, not even to filinvest.  most days we walked to my mother's house where we spent the afternoon.

when i came back, even the bright orange curtains and the flower-ridden sky blue bedsheet i bought was not able to get me out of my funk.  even my face is not glowing anymore.  cute makeup doesn't help.

i need to buy something pink in ebay.

ok, i promise next week i will have more comical posts.  enough wallowing.

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