Saturday, January 23, 2010

oily crap...

last week maricel has been complaining about the oiliness of my face.  even irish said (brutally) that i was looking weird when she visited us last week.  she said it was below my usual standard of sparkling cheeks and she was not used to it.

i took this coz i wanted to experiment with my uneven brows using photoshop.  (unfortunately i got each one from each parent)  i will post the hilarious photos next time :)

so this weekend while i was squeezing some orange to make myself some fresh juice, i remembered some DIY home-made beauty stuff i saw on the internet.  i just did not remember them all so maybe i got the orange and honey was originally from two different recipes! haha

so here's what i did, i saved up the skin and scrubbed them one by one on my face.  all six of them.  if somebody from the next building saw me, they'd probably wonder why i was polishing my face with orange peel in the kitchen, hehe.  then i left it for 10-15 minutes, when i felt it kind of dried up my skin i washed it off.  and then, while i was having a bubble bath i generously rubbed honey on my face, like 1 spoonful... and left it there for 10 minutes.

it was super sticky, but at least i have something to lick on while waiting at the bathtub... mmm! (haha, pg talaga kahit saan!)

and then, after that i loaded my face with my new moisturizer, which i did not buy on purpose.  i just ran out of moisturizer when i gave mine to my mother (olay 7x total effects) so my sister bought this one for me since it was the only olay moisturizer in SM.  i took 3x of my usual dose and kind of used it like a mask and left it on my face overnight.

olay white radiance whitening cream review: at first i did not like it coz coming from a tub, my impression was that it would be too greasy to use in the morning as a moisturizer.  especially in smogged up manila.  but after using it for three weeks i have noticed that some spots i had since my early 20s have lightened up, and my face looks even.  and that was without proper skin care coz since i came back i lost interest in that whole 'self-care' routines.

then tada!  i got compliments this morning when maricel said i looked different.  and i did not even go to any salon!  what an amazing kitchen i have (*evil laugh*)...

goodbye olive oyl!
(here with just ponds powder and olay moisturizer)

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