Saturday, March 27, 2010

wants and needs

since we realized im pregnant, i have been to 2 pre-natal checkups already, 2 ultrasounds, and hundreds of cravings.

but there are foods that i stay away from, because they are dangerous to me and my baby.  some item may sound weird but there is nothing to lose if i abstain from them for just 9 months, to be safe, like pain medications, even if they say it's safe.  that's why I thank God that my headache does not last that long, coz i don't want any complications.

i also do not eat soft cheese anymore, you know, the white cheese that goes with salad?  i loved it with khubus.  and liver spread, coz too much vitamin a in liver and im already taking a multivitamin.  vitaminosis happens when you take too much vitamin a and it sort of backfires with complications.  what else, left-over salads and cold cut sandwiches (unless microwaved steaming hot), basically uncooked food, for fear of contaminations; raw eggs or eggs not cooked properly, unpasteurized milk (i called a milk manufacturer once just to check if the bottled milk im drinking has been pasteurized {idiot})!

and then some which have no scientific reason but basically old wive's tales like eggplant, coz it will cause purple discoloration to the baby's skin.

and then those that i want but i don't really need, like biscuits (currently finishing my 3rd can), candies, ice cream, soft drinks and potato chips :D

im a slave...

to my cravings!

last last thursday i had to walk past my house to two streets more just to wait 30 minutes for my daing na bangus order, last thursday i had to walk at the opposite direction to my house from the office coz i wanted a turkey sandwich, and this morning i quietly went out of the office to our nearest supermarket which is a corner away just to buy skittles.

this baby wants to eat a lot!  and not only that, im addicted to mostly junk foods, and soft drinks... i know i had to stop it, let's just consider it a one-week relapse ok?

as of now i am officially 10 weeks pregnant, and here is an illustration that i usually visit on a weekly basis to check the baby's development:

just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


seriously, i feel like ive been doing construction work for the past month, even early in the morning i feel sleepy and lethargic.  and it does not go away even after my 1 hour siesta in the afternoon.

what can i expect, my body is growing another human being and it is no easy task.  i just thought it would be as breezy as my first pregnancy.

i had so much to blog but can't find the will to do so, photos and stories are being dumped in my desktop but i just feel so withdrawn and all i want to do is sleep.  one day is not enough.  i lost interest in my job and i was always thinking of an excuse for not going.

and i think i scared on of my colleagues when he found me crying out of frustration in my desk. haha.  that was the highlight of my day yesterday.

no, scratch that, this is the highlight of my day, and my week:

there she is!  (i know she will be a girl) expected delivery date: October 20, 2010!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i love pilipinas got talent!

and my two favorites are jovit baldivino and big mouth... and since im crying to almost anything these days (dang hormones), i also cry everytime i watch them in youtube.