Tuesday, March 16, 2010


seriously, i feel like ive been doing construction work for the past month, even early in the morning i feel sleepy and lethargic.  and it does not go away even after my 1 hour siesta in the afternoon.

what can i expect, my body is growing another human being and it is no easy task.  i just thought it would be as breezy as my first pregnancy.

i had so much to blog but can't find the will to do so, photos and stories are being dumped in my desktop but i just feel so withdrawn and all i want to do is sleep.  one day is not enough.  i lost interest in my job and i was always thinking of an excuse for not going.

and i think i scared on of my colleagues when he found me crying out of frustration in my desk. haha.  that was the highlight of my day yesterday.

no, scratch that, this is the highlight of my day, and my week:

there she is!  (i know she will be a girl) expected delivery date: October 20, 2010!

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