Thursday, May 27, 2010

tropic thunder

just watched it, i love robert downey, rj!  and i was really surprised when i read the credits...

OMG really!?!?!?  I HAD NO IDEA!

photo credit

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

tintin. t-i-n ... t-i-n. tintin!

may kwento ako...

dito sa bahrain, madaming weird names, kasi iba't ibang lahi syempre no. me sri lankan na kariyawasam, me indian na kandotharammal, me ethiopian na woldegeorgis, me kaworkmate si bambi na baarstard (norwegian)...

anyways, ako nga ang bida ng kwento di ba, so balik na tayo sa pangalan ko, na as in hirap na hirap naman talaga ako iexplain pag me kausap ako sa phone.

tulad ngayong hapon:

me: hello, may i talk to the shipping department?
them: yes, may i know who's speaking?
me: tintin, from --- company.
them: who?
me: tintin. t-i-n-t-i-n
them: dindin? 
me: no, t-i-n... tintin
them: dinky? that's a nice name!
me: yes, sure...

pag malinaw naman ang linya...

me: tintin, t-i-n-t-i-n!
them: cindy? ok, hold on...
me: ...

meron pa:

me: this is tintin on the line.
them: pinky?
me: no, tintin. T-I-N-T-I-N!
them: pintin?
me: tintin! 
them: tinty?
me: ok, kristinne, tell them it's kristinne!

eto ang pinakapaborito ko... tumawag ako sa office nila francis, at take note, hindi sya christmas time.

me: hello, goodafternoon, may i speak to francis please?
customer service: sure, may i know who's calling?
me: please tell him its his wife.
cs: santa? ok, hold on...


(*true stories*)

emo forever

hay nako, me umiiyak na naman sa tabi ko.

tatlong taon nya nang iniiyakan ang kanyang long, long, looong lost love pero hanggang ngayon di pa rin maka-get over! nakakaloka.  ako matagal na ang isang linggo pag naheartbroken ako, sya hanggang ngayon madrama pa rin ang buhay nya.

hindi ko iiyakan ang lalaki pag ganon ka-worthless OKAY?

ano ba yan? me mga tao ba talagang gustong gustong umiyak?  gustong gustong palaging feeling kawawa?  naaapektuhan na ko ha. buti dati andito si ariane o si irish para balance naman, me comedy at drama, pero ngayon... HINDI KO KAYA ANG POWERS NYA! nakaka-drainnnn...

ireremind ko ba sya na buntis ako at kailangan ko ng happy environment? my gasssszzz... nagsasawa na ako, sya hindi pa rin.

pls... pls lang... LET IT GO GIRL!

oo nga pala, photo from

bummer of the week

when we, maricel, irish and i, went to bcc last time i bought this gorgeous green sparkle eyeliner coz im a sucker for glitters and green eye stuff... i thought it was reasonable for seven dinars coz it was so pretty!

and it was a breeze to put and it takes only a little while to dry, and its super pretty on the eyes!

anyways, i was browsing ebay and i saw that body shop has a similar one for two dinars only! i was super bummed out!  when i see a similar product that is cheaper, especially if i bought the more expensive one already, i really ... ugh... i hate that feeling!

anyways, when it came i tried it asap and i was consolated because sephora dries more quickly while the body shop takes a while, which means you cannot look up for a few minutes otherwise the glitters will go all over the eyelid.  but apart from that it's still pretty, because of the sparkles, of course...

a little smaller than sephora, but still a catch at two dinars!

now i have green and silver... yey!

tip of the week: STOP COMPULSIVE BUYING! :)

porky! i've missed u..

tinago ko kasi sya nung first pregnancy ko, tapos nung nag-general cleaning kami ni bambi nung friday nakita ko na yung headquarters nyang paperbag!

nilabhan ko sya sa washing machine and ngayon ang bango bango na nya! then naalala ko si titoy...

naliligo din daw sya sa washing machine, lol

hindi na ko masyadong nakakanood ng pilipinas got talent, after hindi makasama si rolando sa finals... hindi na rin ako nanonood ng agua bendita at rubi... mas gusto ko na lang matulog, katabi si porky at hello kitty...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

some good things never last...

wala pa ngang 2 linggo, maggugupit na naman ako ng kuko... gustong-gusto ko pa namang mahaba sya.... pero at least hindi ako nasugatan!  kaya ok lang...

oo nga pala, eto sya this week:

konad m64 and konad black pearl + clear top coat...

Monday, May 24, 2010

stila smudge pot gel eyeliner

its the best of both worlds!

first, because ive tried pencil eyeliner from l'oreal, the noir eye smoker

which is ok if you're after the smudge look, coz pencil eyeliners are the best for smudged smokey eyes.

and having tried liquid eyeliner from 22k, which i would  really love because its the best in control, its as simple as drawing on your eyes, and you get the most defined lines ever.  but the pointed felt, as good as it feels on my eyelids, dries in a few days, which translates to poor investment. 

and i also tried to buy a hello kitty gel eyeliner but it smudges even if its dry, so i made a mental note not to buy products unless they have been proven and tested by others.  which means i have to search the internet for reviews first before buying something.

so my current favorite is now stila smudge pot!

i've read that its the most favorite gel eyeliner so i tried one from ebay, i cannot remember how much but it wouldn't be more than 10 dollars, and it's fairly small when i received it but i don't use much so i guess it will last for a year, maybe.

and it really is the best!  its creamy and simple to apply, and with the correct eyeliner brush (i use the one from watson's) you can make a decent line on your eye, you can even wing it if you want.  just let it dry (4-6 seconds) and it won't smudge even until you sleep (or i, sleep, in the afternoons), not like loreal where i wake up with raccoon eyes...

i love it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


nagbbrowse ako sa ebay kanina... nakita ko:

kamukha ng boss ko yung leader... tawa kami ng tawa ni ate maricel! lol

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

im sad

hindi nakapasok si rolando... why keith...?

miss kita. period.

i miss harry potter..

haha... natawa ako...

anong katangahan...

i love tumblr quotes, especially bob ong's...

you know what's the most productive thing i did yesterday?

naglagay ako ng stickers sa office phone ko.  haha!

bawat number kase ay may shortcut para sa mobile ng mga taong lagi kong tinatawagan.

for example:

1 is for bambi, that's why the crazy in-love smiley
2 is for my boss, at nag-eemote pa rin kami sa 'no more partying' memo namin last week
3 is for my boss' wife, na laging ginigising ang katawang tao ko sa boses pa lang nya
4 is for our driver, na laging madaldal
5 is for our liaison, na over-over kung manigaw minsan
6 is for our office boy, bait-bait na jonjon
7 is for tyan, super evil na feeling amo rin
8 is sa bahay
9 is kay carmen, di ko pa napapalitan e
at 0 ay sa cold store, kaya masayang smiley...

nalilito tuloy yung ibang tao magdial sa phone ko, lolz

Saturday, May 15, 2010

listening to...

good golly ms hermione

ikaw nga ba yan, emma?

what a fun weekend!

yesterday we went to bcc to exchange bambi's green adidas to a black one... and he's worse than me in shoe-shopping.  he takes 30 minutes to decide if he likes one and changes his mind again. and again. and again.

but its ok coz he shops only once in a while and most of the time its him who is waiting for me to finish shopping.  but honestly it's not shopping when im with him - its more hurrying than shopping.

that's why i was so happy to go out with maricel and irish last thursday coz when girls go to the mall, its a different thing.  even though i was so tired, i had that feeling of contentment as we were on our way home which i sometimes don't feel when i go out with bambi.

so after bench, yes we have a bench store here in bahrain, we went to claim our prize at chili's.

yes, they contacted me finally!  and the very hospitable resto manager Mr Mark was so accommodating that we did not feel awkward about our free meal, ever... he even helped us have the best food!  we had such a good time.

photos taken at chili's when we claimed our prize, super busog at inaantok kaming umuwi :D

starter pa lang... ang sarap ng dips in fairness!  triple play starter...

ang ganda ko talaga sa benefit!  coralista at benetint lang, gaganda ka na...

ayaw nya magpakuha... ayan stolen tuloy.

eto sakin, chicken margarita and salmon combo... at ang pinakagusto ko ay ang corn! juicy yum yum!

kay bambi - ribeye steak at salmon.  lagi kong nakakalimutan picture-an bago kumain kaya may mga bawas na haha..

and for dessert - molten chocolate...  hay... ang sarrrrap....

sana manalo ako ulit... :D

Friday, May 14, 2010

long nails

eto na ang pinakamahabang kuko ko ever... kasi hindi talaga sya humahaba ng ganito kahaba...

i love iiiiiiittt!!!

im so excited to try my early birthday gift!  konad set a :
omg omg omg...

Monday, May 10, 2010

wala syang kasing-sama...

ang isa pa naming amo, nagpakita na naman ng kanyang super evil powers today... killjoy sa birthday ni ate maricel.

yan tuloy di na pwede magparty sa office... badtrip talaga sya.

anyways nagpa-cbc (complete blood count) ako this evening, ok naman.  blue pa rin naman daw ang dugo ko.  kailangan ko kasi ang results nito para sa 4th month checkup ko sa 17.  parang ayoko nga muna magpa ultrasound, nakakatatlo na kasi ako... siguro pag 5th month na lang pag kita na yung gender ng baby, right?

ansakit parin pala magpainjection!  tapos inaapi natin yung mga batang umiiyak.

e ikaw kaya tusukin ng karayom?

elections na, kumusta naman ang automation?

in honor of today's date.. ive found it online :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

happy mother's day

in fairness, andaming emoterang anak ngayon sa facebook...

hindi lang dapat greetings at regalo, dapat pakita nyo talaga na importante sa inyo ang nanay nyo, at hindi lang pag mother's day ok... mga sipsip...

o, ang mga sensitive wag masyadong tatamaan...

anyways, happy mother's day pa rin!

chili's win... spam?

sabi ng chili's sali daw ako dito...

hindi naman me PG pero syempre masarap ata yung margarita chicken nila no... kaya sali ako agad! tamang tama kaka-dinner lang namin doon nung valentines... post lang daw ng pictures nyo sa chili's para maka-join... hindi naman nakikita kung ilan ang nag join kaya hindi ko alam kung ako lang ang sumali.... kaya ako lang ang nanalo...

si irish na lang yung sinama ko... camera shy kasi si bambi...

tapos... after 3 weeks... nanalo daw ako!

e bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa rin silang reply... gutom na ko!

ang pambansang ulam ng mga single

me nakita akong page sa fb kanina... natawa nga ako e...

kung wala lang akong asawa nagjoin na ko sa kanila, lol. pero love ko talaga si bambi... 

wala nang kokontra...

claire's nail polish

after two coats, di pa rin bonggang violet ang kulay... medyo hindi pa opaque.  at ang tapang ng amoy.  killer high.

*will not use again*

Thursday, May 6, 2010

my son will love this room!

he's 20 months old and he calls spongebob "BOB!" he laughs when my brother puts a face towel with spongebob's face in his face and pretends he's spongebob and talks to him, with his mouth in bob's mouth so it looks like it's moving. lol.

i have a lot of funny photos from tumblr bloggers i stalk follow, this one included... i also love their quotes kahit keso :D esp if it's from bob ong...

i don't know why but im so inlove right now...

keso keso...

nail polish attack...

maybe we'll go to bcc later.  pls pls pls pigilan nyo ko bumili ng konad!!!   napapanaginipan ko na sya at pinapangarap kaya hindi ko alam kung kaya kong pigilan ang sarili ko mamaya...

here's my dreamthing:

ok lang, can't afford ko pa yan..

hmmm.. me sakit si irish, baka macancel na naman ang lakad for the 4th time! naman, kakasweldo lang.  this is the perfect time!  killjoys.

my parcel came!  bumili ako ng benetint sample bottle at benefit some kinda gorgeous foundation faker.  feeling ko ang ganda ganda ko na naman...  kaso talagang nakakadry sya ng face.  ano kayang pwedeng gawin...

now im just waiting for matte magic... ang super awesome na nail polish para magmukhang hindi nailpolish ang nasa kuko mo... hahaha.


ganyan! walang shine, matte na matte, parang bato lang...


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

aarrghhh... im totally craving for the jolli-spaghetti!!!

basta free, ang sarap sarap di ba?

katz gave us a double cheeseburger meal from mcdo this morning.  i don't know why but she said it was free!  i munched the fries as soon as i sat on my desk and then i remembered jollibee...

he always had a soft spot in our hearts... maybe because of the mascot or the perpetual busy-ness of their store or the scent of the food, but all ofws does not, i am sure of it, does not go back to abroad without eating at jollibee's...

i am always staring at this image in my desktop and just content myself with mcdonalds... but i really miss the smell of jolliburger!  and the chickenjoy plus the gravy... and the spaghetti omg...

you are so lucky if you can order these any time of the day...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ok, i admit it -  i regret it so much!

been denying it these past few days but i finally realized that i do, i do regret selling all my nail polishes, especially my konad ones!

from top to bottom, left to right: 2-way nail art pens, deep and light violet, whites, orange and red, deep adn light green, blues, silvers, golds, yellows, black, clear top, bubblegum and french and dark pinks, blue and pink glitter tops, and konads (green, red, white, black, super new unused blue, and yellow)

when i found out i was pregnant, again, i gathered all my nail polishes and sold them to irish.   what's more, i gave her some freebies to encourage her to buy all of them...

bonus: rhinestones, clipper and special nail art brushes.

(i also told her to sell our wii at that time)

i know, im an idiot!  i was actually thinking about not using nail polish until mid-2011, because i don't want to when im pregnant, and i probably cannot when i give birth (and a few months afterwards)...

this was my last nail polish last january...

black nail polish with silver french tip and 3 rhinestones on my ring finger.  

and unfortunately, i saw my butterfly nail art last weekend and started doing nail art again.  i did not sniff the polishes ok, and im 4 months pregnant - as far as my research tells me, there are no more harm as my baby has finished developing the major organs and is simply growing nowadays...  yes, i did my research, and although they said there are no medical proofs that nail polishes poses any harm, i was decided not to use it especially on my first trimester - where the baby's cells are developing into organs, coz i don't want any harmful fumes at that time.  so i thought i won't be using them and they might as well harden by the time i was going to use them again, i should sell them and get good money for it right?

but now i really regret it because i have collected some really good colors and i like them all...

just last weekend i began painting my nails again.  i did it in the bathroom (to let the smell be carried away as i did it near the big windows) and i did not want the scent to linger in our bedroom.

since the only nail polish that was left to me were sally hansen's blue and pink, and claire's violet plus the  mirror shine from avon, i skipped the nail plates and just used the blue polish and added some butterflies.

and now i really really regret selling all those beautiful nail polishes...... now i have to start collecting again.