Sunday, December 6, 2009

hello kitty watches, gel liner & stuff

what surprised me 2 days ago was the arrival of my hello kitty watches that i accidentally saw and won, all in one minute just 10 days ago, coz my winning is as fast as the seller's shipping!

apart from it's fast shipping, it's also super mega cute!!!  and the quality's not bad, i didn't see any weird marks or scratches, the packaging was also carefully thought of... what a winner.

i have been disturbing our new mail collector everyday because i am still waiting for more than 5 items that i bought since November 3 and they still haven't arrived.  those loser sellers!

so this week so far i have only received the watches, my BENEfIT high beam,

which im not a big fan of because it gives the same amount of sheen as my bare escentuals radiance but it wipes off my blush as i tap it on my cheeks... i still don't know how to remedy that, so it's just sitting on my closet.

and my hello kitty black gel liner,

which gel liner smudges slightly but the consistency was good and the accompanying brush was good quality, too.  the first time i used it, i was able to make a good wing out of my left eye, which was usually where i have trouble, aside from being really bad in using liquid liners.  so i gave my old liquid liner to irish and settled with this.

*update: my review after 2 uses: smudge.  it gets on my lids after a few hours, and if i don't layer eyeshadow on top of it, it smudges under my lower lashline, too!  too bad for hello kitty.

along with bcc purchases:

the mascara i got from maybelline (xxl curl power) has a primer that you have to use before the actual mascara and the name XXL was not an exaggeration, coz my eyelashes were obviously longer when i used it.

white creamy primer first,

then the mascara to make your lashes long and full.

and i also bought a new eye primer, sephora tricks of the trade, coz my first one was a bit sticky and makes blending a pain.  it is also hard to get to in the morning when im in a hurry and i don't have time to stick my finger in a little tub and try to melt its hard content.

this one's a breeze to use coz it has a brush and all you have to do was to twist the other end and the product comes out here.  you can then easily swipe the brush onto your lids.

it makes your eyelid smooth and even-colored,  although i have noticed that the colors are much brighter with my first primer, this one i can live with.  maybe i'll keep the first for loose eyeshadows, since it's good and sticky.

and although these past few days i have been interested in neutral eyeshadows... when i had this primer i started noticing the blues and greens again.  new makeup definitely makes me want to wake up early!

*update* my review for this product: it creases my eyeshadow and it doesn't give my eyeshadows that vivid color like their eye base did.

and last but not the least, our new bath salts and bubble gel from va-va-voom:

im a sucker for cute packaging!

these will now be a monthly staple since bambi discovered bubble bath and already finished the first batch i bought.  va-va-voom always has items like these on sale and these were just one dinar each!

i wonder when the others will arrive...

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