Wednesday, December 9, 2009

rain, rain, don't go away...

everytime the weather changes, it rains.  so since winter is starting, it has rained and manama has gotten wet, dirty and flooded but i was smiling on my way to work each time coz i remember manila...  sigh...

but for two days of glorious rain i wasn't able to take a picture.  damn mobile phone, i can't see a thing!  my lcd went black, and at first i can still see it if i slant the screen a little, but after a while it has blacked out.

so i sent it to the techie in gosi, our mall-next-door, and it took 3 days before i had it back.

i was so bummed out coz i still tried to take a picture in andalus garden during the filipino club's silver anniversary even without the lcd (i know the shortcuts) and after i got my phone back with the fixed lcd i saw that our photo was like this:

yes to benefit's foundation faker, anlaki ng mukha ko!

i didn't even get the stage or the booths... loser!

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