Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tuesday, why did you come too soon?

after our half day last thursday we had a four-day holiday and suddenly im back here on my desk again!

i was planning to blog about the reviews of my current ebay purchases but i got too lazy.

plus it was depressing coz yesterday my boss' housemaid ran away and he was blaming it on me.  is it my fault if she decided to hide and run?

anyways today i was expecting a thunderstorm in the office but it turned out okay, my boss was smiling again and i got my 2nd batch of purchases too!

anyways, im still not in the mood to upload so im gonna leave it all hanging til the next time i blog.

ps.  it was a happy day!  my ticketing agent got me a cheaper flight (now im sure that i'll go home this christmas) and our salary was 10 hours earlier!

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