Friday, November 27, 2009

posting whatever's on my mind.

i started getting lazy at blogging again.

i have so much to say but i ran out of interest saying much these days.

well, for one, it is officially wintertime here.  six days ago it was still awkward to wear a denim jacket but now i even wore it after my walk to the office and inside.  it was so comfy in those warm jackets and as usual, i was feeling sleepy again.  and did i mention that it was free?  one of my free voucher last eid holiday was for Lucky Stores and i told irish to buy it for me when she passed by to let them sign their magazine space.

bambi and i have been loving warm bubble baths these past few days, too.  but we did so separately.  my sched is on fridays, like today, after finishing all my friday chores - cleaning, laundry, cooking and sleeping.  it was like a mini-spa ritual coz i always put something on my hair, a pearl and egg treatment this week as opposed to the usual glossy hair spa the past weeks, and i also dabbed some warmed grapes on my face as a mask.  go to work, you anti-oxidants!  bambi's schedule is anytime he wants.  he actually finished the mango bubble smoothie that i bought, so now im using the orange lather as a bubble-bath substitute.  which is better coz it smells citrus-y.

and what else?  hmm, maybe the reason for my laziness is the fact that jared's visa was rejected again.  for the ninth time.  it was on the last step, finished from lmra, then CIO, and in GDNPR (immigration) it was rejected after 2 hours.  we were heartbroken.

but its not like me to give up when there is still hope.  so after the holidays im gonna ask for help from our superior who has a friend in the immigration for another try, otherwise i won't go home this december.   it was so painful to walk away when he was still a baby, how much more now that he has grown?

and speaking of holidays, this must be the last of the longest holiday we will have this year.  since one of the Eid holiday fell on friday, they moved it to monday, making our holidays four days instead of only three.  a lazy man's paradise, indeed.

and it was the 2nd half-week long holiday this year, coz last september we also had eid holidays lasting three days.  i think on december when we have their national day we'll also have a three-day holiday.  let's keep our hopes up.

i am also doing maricel and irish' eyeshadows every single day last week, they're like my practice dolls coz everytime i see a tutorial in youtube i do it to them the next morning.  and they love it so much that i have to bring my big 120-palette eyeshadow in the office for our daily dose of happiness.

some pictures:

eyeshadow crazies

i love it! almost three-dimensional

purple haze!

what bums me this week is that my other purchases from ebay hasn't arrived yet.  it has been 1 month and im still waiting for 12 more items, but everyday was a disappointment.

hmm.. what am i gonna do with these four days?!?


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