Tuesday, November 10, 2009

makeup makes me pretty & poor

i am totally addicted to ebay.

i am currently bidding on few stuff (makeup, of course) and i keep checking every now and then!

last month i searched in ebay for hours bidding for winter tops, but bahrain has only 3 months of favourable weather - november, december and february.

march to october is super hot, while mid-december to january is super cold.

so i wouldn't really invest in expensive jackets and coats, coz winter is so brief, it's impractical.  that's why i bought mine on ebay.  although, i've seen so many nice ones in city centre.  especially for toddlers!

when we went there last saturday, coz it was irish' original birth date, both maricel and irish bought konad nail polishes.  i was thinking that maybe im a bad influence, financially :)

maricel, irish, shayne (my new assistant) and me at burger king 

i have introduced them to konad, and ebay, which, for maricel's part, stresses her greatly coz there were lots of things she would love to buy, but her budget is compromised.

im so lucky that bambi gives me his visa card to purchase all the things i want in ebay.

im still waiting for my purchase so i can't give a review, but im so excited so im going to post them here.

this month what i've been bidding at are benefit cosmetics.  i have totally been addicted to benefit products since i won thrrrob, and here are my purchases:

thrrrob, light pink blush.

some kind-a gorgeous foundation faker

moon beam, warm shimmering spot highlighter

high beam, satiny pink accent highlighter.  also called "supermodel in a bottle"

dr. feelgood lipscription, buffing lip beads & silky lip balm

justine case, contains california kissin for minty fresh breath and whiter-looking teeth, eyecon for brightening up the eyes, benetint for natural looking blush and some kinda gorgeous foundation faker.

you might think im deranged and i just buy as i please, ( i know my sister will, evil doll! ), but it is actually cheaper than it's retail price, like a third of its actual retail price.  im actually getting good bargain here :)

actually i wouldn't be this poor if i weren't homesick.  after irish told me what kristelle told her, i kind of went crazy and i so i shopped.  unfortunately since im not always allowed to go out here i just went shopping online.

and if i didn't do it, i don't think i can survive.  it was unimaginably heartbreaking to not be able to take care of your only child.

it's kind of like shopping therapy.

can you blame me?

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