Friday, November 6, 2009

irish' costume party

the first costume party i've been to!

honestly, i really thought i'd be stressed because bambi was a bit cranky when i made him wear a shirt that says "I don't do costumes" (what can i do, it was mandatory to wear one and he wouldn't?!?) but irish was such a good host that even bambi couldn't say no to alcohol!

although our nurse friend (maricel) arrived two hours late, tagging along was her sister, kat, in the cutest minnie mouse dress, compliments of ebay.  actually all of our clothes were from online shopping, ours from ebay and irish from amazon.

it was a haven of booze and slr cameras!  irish purposefully invited the photographers from our workshop so she don't have to worry about her digicam, all she had to do was pose for the night.

and there were flashes flashing all night!  the photographers (who are always desperate to get a model) were clicking hungrily at all costume wearers, and of course, the costume wearers are posing happily for free photo opportunities! they were all happy in their own careers!

of course, there was a sad moment when i thought of my son wearing a costume, too, but i have learned that to be able to survive 2 more years here, i have to distract myself and focus on our goal.  

otherwise ill go crazy, which i am almost half already.  but that would be on another post.

here are the pics!

school of rock reject

minnie mouse, officer naughty, nurse bluetooth & bambi

borrowing minnie mouse's ears

prof nube with student

minnie mouse with her personal nurse


irish & bambi. booze buddies.

sexy nya!

i love the tie!

on our way to drunkenness

and more to come once i get hold of all photographers that night and irish's digital camera.  im off to friendster!

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