Monday, November 16, 2009

hoping the best, expecting the worst

bambi's company applied for jared's visa again yesterday.

my superior also helped processing his papers in the immigration.

my colleague said, upon reading my fb's status said i can hope but i should not expect.  is that even possible?

here we are again in this rollercoaster ride of emotions as we apply for jared's papers and each day we wish to see the 'approved' status in his application number...  God, i really hope they'll approve it this time...

on another note, i fired my assistant today.  well, actually, yesterday, but today was her last day.  and, ok, actually, i didn't.  my boss just told me to.  ok, my boss fired her.  my boss said she was too slow (ehem, physically okay?  not mentally) and she doesn't sound like someone he can give infinite orders to.

he kind of thinks that there is someone out there who is like me.  and that we should hire her.  good luck, coz as far as i know, and without being conceited, this one's unique.

self-admiration aside, i am proud to say that he can depend on me for graphics, not only for advertising but also for his family's personal requirements, and i can be totally reliable in the office as long as i have my n95 for reminders.  plus, he can call me whatever time he feels like for instructions, either official or family-related, and i am totally presentable.  and decent.  and loyal.  and tidy.

ok, maybe not tidy.

so today i was flying solo. again.  running here and there, and didn't even get to sleep in the afternoon coz maricel and irish went to our house for a konad/manicure session.

but i was too happy to design their nails anyways!  actually, you couldn't count maricel's nails as nails, coz they're too small :)

pink base with black flowers.  we chose the smallest flowers, obviously.

i also put eyeshadow on irish', coz i am always excited to put eyeshadow on everybody.  i actually did maricel and kat's eyes last halloween party!

parang natutulog lang hehe!

and these are my eyes today, compliments of sephora's freebie:

aaaawww, i really love this violet shade!

and since i bought sephora's eye base, i noticed that even the eyeshadows that i have labelled X before (coz they're useless) are now giving amazing shades!

i was ignoring this shade before, but when i tried it now i was surprised to see that it was a shimmering gold eyeshadow!

that base is awesome!

*update*  unfortunately it's sticky and it gives me a hard time blending my powder eyeshadow.  i think it makes them clumpy, too...  too bad coz it's so long-lasting and makes the colors vivid!

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