Saturday, November 14, 2009

pen-tipped nail polish

i am having so much fun with the pen-tipped nail polish i had before from ebay!

since irish borrowed my konad stamp and scraper last week, i am noticing these tips again and yesterday i had my first red nail polish when i realized i didn't like red nail polish on my nails...

so what i did was take the green pen and dotted my nails and guess how they look now:

they are the yummiest nails i have ever seen!  they look like strawberries!

which i really really love after my previous nail polishes these past few weeks:

last week i tried some colors to check which one i like most
(i kind of thought they look good together!)

i got these glitter nail polish which i really like coz they are not too concentrated, and i applied it on top

that is how it looked like.  and still im not content so i applied a more concentrated glitter nail polish on the outer half:

and this is how it looked:

i didn't like them too, so i just used the pen-tipped nail polish again and so for the whole week my nail polish was this:

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