Monday, August 31, 2009

my hello kitty plate

i have fin'lly received the hello kitty nail stamping plates and new polishes yesterday from an ebay seller in hongkong, and though i wanted to go home straight to try it, i had to finish my part time job first, which got finished at 5.

so tired as i was, i slept when i got home and when i woke up at 9 only did i remember to change my nails for the 3rd time since thursday.

these were my nails yesterday before i changed it to hello kitty:

these were my nails last friday:

and these are my hello kitty nails, good thing my right pinkie isn't showing much, coz hello kitty's face looks awful there (i had to squeeze her fat face on my tiny nails so she looks unhappy on my pinkie)

and these polishes are special, coz you can either make a design on your nail using the brush or the pen:

dory is so excited to try these out, we're having a manicure afternoon in moss' house on thursday... i can't wait to try the other designs on the plate, especially the dolphin.

my next ebay buy will be the most awaited hello kitty long wallet, which is on my wishlist. i'll try to squeeze a hello kitty handbag (also on my wishlist) if i can, coz it's from the same seller and maybe ill have combined shipping discount! :)

today with my new nails:

"ah, the distraction that is nailpolish!"

anyways, i deleted punkymoods. the stupid image won't refresh...

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