Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my company for 6 years... and two more (hopefully!)

yesterday i was early at work, highly unusual!

hmm. strangely quiet... so i took the moment to photograph myself hihi!

never akong dumating ng maaga kase!

shh.. wala pang tao!

that was a happy day. my boss was happy, i was happy, everyone was happy. do you even remember a happy day at work? then you're very lucky. because 95% of employees complain about their job almost all the time!

i wasn't happy last week, and everytime i was in a bad mood i just think about the good things that happened here. like i was the only one as far as i know who got a present from my boss because of my birthday. on our wedding day (2006) he gave me escada pacific paradise, which i gave to my sister since it was in my closet for 2 years already, and last week he gave me escada ocean lounge. i think he wants me to start collecting escada scents...


and it works! of course it helps that i love designing. we just finished the august issue of our classifieds. that was totally designed by me. and had my name at the front. our marketing exec loved it, and if i can convince her that im good at designing then she can convince the clients, too.

do you love your job?

this was my nailpolish yesterday. kaya ko nga pinalitan eh, kase parang tanggal na yung pakpak ng ilang paruparo hehe!

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