Saturday, August 22, 2009

chores. chores. chores. is it ever gonna end?

we are just in a cycle of cleaning and messing things up, aren't we?

since my sister is in manila, and won't come back ever, i started doing the chores again. i know im usually up with the schedule but im sure my enthusiasm will go away sometime soon...

and so they have been done - laundry, cooking & others, what im wondering is how a long day it has been. usually on fridays ill just sleep whole day, but today i was able to cook a decent dinner (omg how can i resist fish?!? i ate too much!!!) and the chores, plus i was able to have a karaoke night, and then afterwards i did my nails... although i wasn't able to have my weekly bubblebath and hot-oil, im pretty ok with my day... like i have accomplished enough. with matching siesta in the afternoon!

i marked this day "super masipag ako" day.

anyways here are my nails today:


semi-visible gold glitter from nivea with white flowers from konad


gold base with red rose from konad

i did good...

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