Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my konad phase

this is what bambi gave me for my birthday - a konad starter kit which i love - love - love!

im buying more plates and colors from ebay!

so for the past two weeks i have changed my nail polishes for more than 3x a week, and last night was one of my best designs because i love the simplicity of it! but if you look closely at my index finger it's halfway gone because i saw our guitar last night and i was overactingly singing hale's broken sonnet. hihi!

it was worth it coz it was such a beautiful song..

so... for today i was expecting a crazy day at work coz my boss' wife came back from lebanon and she usually gives me other stuff to compete with my office duties, but i think she's still resting. bless her soul for not disturbing me today.

as my official motto in the office, if im gonna be scolded or busy or sad, i might as well be pretty, so i used yellow and pink for my eyes... and i love them!!!

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