Saturday, August 22, 2009

eyeshadow friday

its battered, i know...

for so long i have planned to try out all the colors in my eyeshadow and this afternoon i finally had the curiosity to do so, but i was only on the 3rd row when i lost interest again and said ill try tomorrow.

then i remembered that even though it's ramadan and office hours are suppose to be from 8am til 2pm, i have a part-time job at my boss' new chocolate shop and promised to design the chocolate wrappings...

oh well, maybe next year!

here are the rankings i made:

Class S- super pigmented, parang pang pageant na parang fairy ang effect. talagang napa-wow ako :D
Rate #1 - super pigmented din but i cant wear at daytime. maganda ang effect pag dinners
Rate #2 - excited to wear during summer, may be subtle or not, but kita naman, esp.the pastel ones.
Rate #3 - may kulay, pero hindi enough. parang highlight na kulay lang, kita parin yung skin
x( - clumpy and not pigmented at all

since it's from hongkong i expected it to have x( ones, but i was impressed by the number of Class S (parang sila eugene lang hehe) that i found... grabe ang silky pag brush ang ginamit mo and it was super-super ang ganda!!! hindi ako nagsisising binili ko sya :)

some shots:

and then i realized that after all this years, what i most wanted to do was to fix my eyebrows. but everytime i plan either with my sister or my officemates to go to a salon, it gets cancelled. many times i stared long and hard at the mirror with either a razor or a tweezer but im too scared to start. what if, instead of correcting my unidentical brows (i think i got one from each parent x(...) i make it worse?

anyways i faced my fears and with a tip i got from one make-up blogger i started little by little until finally, i was satisfied. i won't post the pix here for fears of judgment, but anyways maybe you'll see it in future pictures...

have you faced any silly fears of yours lately?


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