Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my current wishlist

don't you just have that list, maybe saved on your mobile phone's draft folder or a scratch of paper somewhere in your wallet about the things that you would buy if you have a lot of money? sigh...

so im compiling my wishlist today in preparation for christmas because i'd like to have my presents early... don't you?

Number 1 (with capital letter N!): The Imac..

omg i almost fainted and played dead on the floor when i was looking at this one night (my most favorite way to surf is to lie on my stomach on the floor) ... it is totally awesome! im already awed by macs since 2003 and never got back to pc again but they still continue to taunt me. i am actually tempted everytime they release a new one because, if you look at their site, who wouldn't be? i have g4 at the office in 2003, and at 2005 bambi bought me my ibook, and last 2007 he bought my super-loved macbook. didn't you notice the 2-year difference? didn't you also notice that it is 2009 already? i am really waiting for santa to pass by apple centre one of these days... ;)

No. 2: Hello Kitty flip phone

hihi... just look at the photo and tell me why i shouldn't get this!!

No. 3: More bags

i promise to be a nice person if i can just have this bag. tell me why does the things that i want is in hongkong???

No. 4: Hello Kitty wallet

WHY? Why does the bidding of this wallet end today??? i have noticed that all the stuff i want on ebay ends sooner than my salary? is there any scientific expanation for this???

No. 5: Lacoste Love of Pink

this is probably the most unnecessary thing that i need, since i have 4 scents to choose from every morning: escada ocean lounge, be givenchy, a green tea inspired perfume from bench, the super-fresh-im-just-gonna-hang-out-today baby's breath, and some samples from sephora, but i just can't get it out of my head. don't you have that nagging feeling about some things too?

i think i should only visit ebay every first week of the month... from now on i'll ban it on my safari once the date is past fifteen!

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