Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the chocolate wrapper

yesterday instead of going home at 2 because our ramadan timing is only from 8am to 2pm, i went home at 9.

i didn't wander off, not in this heat! bahrain is having it's worst summer yet, not because of the heat but mostly because of the humidity. imagine getting near to a big bonfire and you'll feel how we feel when we go outside.

thankfully 100% of the places here are air-conditioned, you'll only suffer when you go out.

anyways i got home late because for the first time in 6 years i have a part-time job. oh, wait, i had a part time job before, too, in a candy store. hmm, and now in a chocolate store? i might have a calling in the sweets business (*wink wink*)

my boss's wife is starting a chocolate shop and as part of the build-up team i also got to wrap the chocolates which are heavenly. and who loves chocolates more than me? omg, it's like going to chocoheaven. just going inside the chiller room which smells of chocolate to select which ones to wrap makes me smile..

and after designing them i couldn't help but giggle in delight because they're so cute!!! who would eat these after all the wrappings?

luc, the choco-wrapping master, was with me, and she is a pro! i love her designs!!!

the shop is supposed to open on the 1st of september but it's still empty:

the chocolates came from lebanon early this week, the accessories came from dubai and the furnitures will come from china. they are suppose to arrive tomorrow. so there's too much to do!

maybe that's why madam is stressed.

not me, i love designing, what more if there are chocolates in my hands!!! i tasted one and i sighed... i have never tasted a chocolate like that! that was the best ever. i think there are sweet jams and cheesecake and crunchy sweet things inside and they all melt in your mouth... such pure happiness...

that's why even if i went home at 9 i was still hyper... see the evidence: (i love my hair btw)

and i was still able to cook a mean adobo... which was already devoured when i remembered to take a picture.

a quick tip from my sister, she said when you add the vinegar - don't stir yet. just let it simmer for a little while and your adobo will be magically sweet!

fast forward to today, it was pretty much the same sched, escept that luc was not there. i was with nina, who howeebwee wraps chocolate... we decided to go home at 5 and i was able to catch bambi at home! his sched is from 7pm to 1:30 in the early morning, so basically he's free the whole day. imagine that...

addie: a cute house by a'ali... imagine jared playing in the yard. i missed him so much when i saw this!

oh, this is my face today. my eyes are sparkling in chocolate excitement!!!

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