Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the blogger's name

ok, for the first time since i started blogging, which by the way was 2003, i used my name in my blog's address. i have 5 blogs, 3 on display and 2 private, and this is the only one where i used my name.


could it be that im vain?

or no other creative spark lit my brain for a cooler name.

or that i ran out of names because the one i wanted was not available anymore?

well, maybe because for the first time in years, im currently comfortable in my self. that's why the name's on top. because this blog will represent me. today. or any other day i choose to blog.

and yes, i saved this in 2007, so no one can take it anymore.

coz this name is mine. this address is mine.

and yes, im vain.

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