Saturday, April 24, 2010

the undecided me.

oh how i hate the fatigue that comes with my second pregnancy.  although it subsided a little coz im in my second trimester now i still feel sleepy most of the time, and i spend my whole off-day yesterday sleeping.

yet i gained nothing more than .95 pounds between my 2nd-3rd month.  i didn't know how that happened since i had a schedule of eating at 7am - 10am - 1pm - 4pm - 7pm - and sometimes at 10pm.  and i drank a lot of soft drinks and ate a lot of ice creams.  oh well, moving on...

after deciding and undeciding and then deciding again to stay in manila when we go home in december, i now can't wait and i've stared at my house models the whole morning and afternoon, thinking about the future and the reality that i will take care of my children alone.  if candy didn't call last week (she gave birth recently) to ask how to clean her baby's belly button, i never would have realized how lucky i was to have francis do everything when i gave birth before.  for the frightening first week at least.  and so i contemplated again about leaving him here.

but, to my sister's despair when she finds out, we have both decided for me and our two children to go home.  there were so many explanations and discussions to come up with that decision but we both agreed to buckle up and gear for the ride, or so they say.

and im not going to justify our decision, ok.  we both agreed.  we both are involved. so we both will take the consequence.

anyways on a lighter note i have found a lot of old friends in facebook recently.  it makes you realize how people change and how the past seems so good to come back to.  but the good thing is that we have all found our happy place in the present.

i still haven't made my personal rave about too-faced shadow insurance and urban decay primer potion, but with thousands of reviews in the internet, i don't think i'll add more.  i was just happy to have them.  and i am now longing for their sustainable shadow box... wheee...

and you know what i realized this morning?  that sparkling gray cream liner is better than black!  its the 'lava' cream liner from smashbox.  i was surprised! i still has the dark effect that i want, plus it has sparkles that lifts up my eyelashes, i love it so much!  pix soon, you know what they said about photos and pregnant women hehe!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

first trimester is over

thank goodness!

i am almost fed up with the fatigue and sleepiness.  i will have my 3rd prenatal tomorrow and hopefully everything's still fine, coz now and then i feel my stomach tightening a little bit.  and next month i hope i can start to feel when he kicks, its one of the perks of being pregnant!

i started to avoid the kitchen nowadays, and i just have our food delivered by a catering service, which gives me time to sleep more :) but sometimes bambi is being stubborn and not eating just because 'i didn't cook it'.  seriously, would he rather eat what i i cook?

unlike the first weeks of my pregnancy when i was loaded with work, these days i am so bored just counting the time to freedom... which is as bad as being overworked.  at least when you're working time flies fast.

anyways its almost 7 and im about to go out.  bambi and i are supposed to visit one friend who just gave birth and im still thinking of what to send...