Saturday, April 10, 2010

first trimester is over

thank goodness!

i am almost fed up with the fatigue and sleepiness.  i will have my 3rd prenatal tomorrow and hopefully everything's still fine, coz now and then i feel my stomach tightening a little bit.  and next month i hope i can start to feel when he kicks, its one of the perks of being pregnant!

i started to avoid the kitchen nowadays, and i just have our food delivered by a catering service, which gives me time to sleep more :) but sometimes bambi is being stubborn and not eating just because 'i didn't cook it'.  seriously, would he rather eat what i i cook?

unlike the first weeks of my pregnancy when i was loaded with work, these days i am so bored just counting the time to freedom... which is as bad as being overworked.  at least when you're working time flies fast.

anyways its almost 7 and im about to go out.  bambi and i are supposed to visit one friend who just gave birth and im still thinking of what to send...

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