Thursday, September 3, 2009

i hate headaches X_X

my headache will be-

triggered by:
• hunger
• too much chocolate / sweets
• too much heat
• too much sleep

relieved by:
• sleeping. if not, then by
• strong coffee. if not, then by
• vomiting. if still not, then by
• biogesic + sleep

i wonder why bambi can still play in his laptop when he has a headache. coz when i have, i don't want to move, i just want to lie down and cover my eyes with a pillow and shut down the tv.

i should've know that eating late will trigger it, but since it was ramadan and i was in the chocolate shop i had no choice but to wait. but it was too late.

and it didn't go away until i vomited. every time i have to force myself otherwise it will not go away. unfortunately this time i didn't reach the toilet (*deadz*)...

i think it was also triggered by my contact lenses. everytime i change to a new one i get headaches too...

especially with these 600's. plus i have astigmatism on my right eye X-(

hello kitty didn't help.

my consolation? these cute contact lens cases!!! the pink one i use at home and the blue for my bag.

i don't know if you also have these tell-tale signs but my sister and me, we know when a headache is coming. i know the signs and the causes, and if i can, i try to avoid it before it's too late... otherwise im back to the bathroom again... X-(

well, today i was okay, so i experimented with my new polishes:

im so excited for my date with bambi tomorrow!

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