Wednesday, September 16, 2009

because real men don't sparkle

go team jacob.

i hate the word twihard. but i guess, seeing that i'm one of the swooning, ive been bitten by the bug, er, vampire, whatever.

but as much as i love to swoon over edward especially in midnight sun, upon watching the new moon trailer i cannot believe that i'll go over to jacob. he has more expressive eyes, and yes, he is more, um, toned...

im over to team jacob now.

so there, i wasted two hours of today searching for photos, images, and wallpapers of jacob black. i didn't even visited edward cullen's photo gallery. then i put them in a collage and uploaded it in friendster. i would have also changed my ym image if i just didn't love my own pix.


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i cannot wait until november.

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