Monday, September 14, 2009

damn book. i can't put it down!

breaking dawn. currently at page 290/702.

it had never had me gripping a book like this. i honestly didn't want to get out of bed. good thing it's ramadhan and we get off at 2, otherwise ill go crazy in the office waiting to go home and continue reading.

and an idiot. i don't need another fixation! pretty soon i'll never be able to sleep until i have the dvd's, cd's, images, poster, whatever it is i can find....

so much for hating sharie, the twi-hard in the other room.

but when i listened to rob pattinson's never think, i just melted... you know that helpless feeling when you hear a song and you kind of see yourself on a car, driving on a cold night and just listening to that music? dammit, it's making me homesick.

it's just too melancholic. i would probably cry to sleep later.

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