Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mascara face-off

this is a true story: my body shop mascara gets jealous.

seriously, when i bought my brown mascara from body shop, it was clumpy and i was totally disappointed.  so i bought a black waterproof one from avon.  and the next day when i tried my body shop mascara it was smooth and nice like nothing of the day-before's tantrum.

so when i ran out i bought another one and again it was getting clumpier and clumpier since last week, so i bought sephora's brown mascara as my replacement, and voila! my body shop mascara is as nice as it could ever be again.

i know, im a little retarded :)

anyways, i have compared the curl-holding ability of the two browns that i have this afternoon: the body shop super volume mascara and sephora triple action mascara.

here is my first try on step-by-step product comparison (*hehe*)

starting with curling the lashes first,

sephora's mascara (left) didn't quite show so i applied a 2nd coating.

what's worse, it doesn't hold the curl. sephora with left vs body shop on the right

so, to keep it visible, you have to curl your eyelashes again. tedious, i know...

so, compared with the body shop, which is still curled and thick even without re-curling, sephora failed the face-off...

plus, the bristles of body shop (right) helps separate my lashes so they become more visibly thicker.  isn't that nice for the faintly eyelashed?

full face with No. 1 & 2 mixed from my 22k lip palette.

close up.


my pathetic attempt at winking.  a smiley like this (~_^) looks better than me


my nail polish, with the yellow from konad on black base.

i think ill have lots of blogging to do while passing the 3-hour breaktime now that we're back to our old schedule of 8-1 then 4-7... get used to it!

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