Monday, September 7, 2009

photo time!

when irish and i went to equinox for a client meeting, we accidentally found out about a photo seminar that ryan was having for 20 dinars only - for four consecutive fridays from 8 am to 1 pm! what a catch!

i begged for francis to join, mainly because he's wasting his digital rebel canon 400d in our closet, and party because i want him to take better pictures of me ^_~

but he wouldn't. i know he will not allow me to go without him, but i really want to go. i have always wanted to learn how to take a good picture.

and if, by chance, i have to go home, then being a good digital artist that i am, ill just open a studio and make money manipulating them for hormonal teenagers back home. (oh who wouldn't love a good photo for friendster or facebook?!?)

plus i get to do their makeup ^_^ !!!

anyways, yesterday was such a bad day because our management decided to drop the BD5 voucher that dory worked hard for. and they were such in a bad mood that everything you do was wrong just so they can to blame someone.

i really was so tired that i slept til 8pm when i got home at 2. i think my boundary for this month has been reached ^_^ !

so this morning we glammed ourselves for the reason that even if today will be another bad day, at least we three are pretty!

take a look at these ^_^

but it ended up a good day that i actually talked my boss into buying more memory for my macbook hihi!

my nails are dolphin-inspired this week. i hate it.

so i changed it to this;

and im happy with it..

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