Friday, September 4, 2009

jared learns to walk

this morning, friday, the only day-off that i have where i can usually sleep till noon, we woke up early at 8 to catch bambi's mother in ym. it was worth it.

jared was noisy by the time they called us, and he is fluently saying "ma-mah" now. my inlaws are so attached to him, and why wouldn't they? jared wakes them up with a kiss, and longs for their presence everytime they pass by. he is so malambing, that's why i know it would be so hard on them by the time we take jared back...

they said jared is already starting to tread 2-3 steps, and he will hate you if you try to assist him by his left, it should be his right hand. he wakes up at 5am, calls his grandmother mama and kisses her, then looks for his grandfather to start their early morning walks.

mama meling said it feels like a long time but when you think of it, he has only stayed there for 3 months. i totally agree with her. sadly, for me it feels like a year. at a time when he's developing and learning new things, i am not there.

it is so ironic to think that i have spent countless times training a baby to walk in sims 2 and 3. to the point where i have perfected it with more than 10 kids, and my own son is currently learning to walk without me. it hurts me so much, and i cry about it every single night.

i am always contemplating about what's more important. although i wanted a good future for us, i also wanted to be there for him. lmra, the agency that approves family visas here rejected our application again, saying that i shouldn't be working for a family visa to be approved. how unfair. i know a lot of families here with more than 4 kids.

i am desperate to find out what i really want. if i can't bring jared here, would i be willing to give up my stable job to go home? or should i stay for 2 years and save up first for the future? i really do not want to bring up my child without enough money. wouldn't it break your heart if you cant provide your kid with things that they need? that scares me the most. it's why im still here.

but come november, when my contract ends, for sure ill be standing on a crossroad once more.

God, please let me know which one to choose...

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