Friday, September 25, 2009

pink twilight delectable lip palette

here's what i did this afternoon after our photo workshop: i tested my new lip palette!

and for comparisons i made a chart, which i can see in shade there is no difference. my favorite right now is number 3, because it is the nearest shade to my nivea extreme resist long lasting lipstick. although i will wear them all, my least favorite is no. 4, because it is the lightest shade and i haven't had a lisptick this light.

and the great thing is, they go well with my lipgloss from penshoppe! hurray recycling!

although, my most favorite everyday wear, or we'll call it MLBB ( ('my lips but better' coined by jen) is still bodyshop lipstain and born lippy strawberry lipbalm. if im lazy ill just use nivea again, since it's long lasting and i don't have to reapply often...

nivea long lasting lipstick in roselove and coral

the body shop's lip and cheek stain

im so excited to use them all!! ^^

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