Sunday, September 13, 2009


today i realized that as much as i want to concentrate on one artwork i have to try and switch between three just to keep my boss happy and to get him off my back as much as possible.

it was irritating for him to assume that if i was concentrating on only one artwork then it means im not working hard enough.

the truth is, as a graphic artist, i have to. otherwise the momentum of the design will be gone.

but after six years i started to realize that he will not wake up to the fact that im only human. he thinks of me as a superhero. or maybe more of a magician. and how couldn't he?

i can't blame him for that. not only am i the graphic artist, im also their secretary. their HR. their personal family secretary - and they have 7 members of the family (and growing by the minute). sometimes i get calls at 11pm from his daughter in newcastle UK. or his son in texas. my expertise in the internet seems very helpful to them. plus the fact that im the only one who can put reminders on my phone.

so as i was saying, i started to switch three artworks every 45 minutes - a brochure for their new construction material showroom; a brochure for their (also new) chocolate shop; and 5 requests from a computer shop client.

would you believe it worked? not only did i have three updates for him, i was also able to answer smartly about the progress of our projects. i wish i'd done it sooner, but i know im too stubborn for that.

so speaking of balance, instead of continuing the fourth twilight saga (im still in the bella part), breaking dawn, i decided to check on friendster and my blog. it's hard for me, coz when i start to read it's difficult to stop. i will not sleep, i will delay eating, and i will procrastinate for as long as possible.

and also since i have been asking out loud after finishing the third book "When will Bella finally be a stupid Vampire???"

and every chapter in the fourth delays the answer.

i also watched the movie this afternoon to help me visualize the most exciting part of the fourth book (you know what it is).

robert pattinson is so perfect for that role. it makes me like the visualization of edward cullen more. although i get distracted by kristen's washed out face. jasper is cute too. and 'dr. fang' carlisle would'nt be left behind.

i love the books.

what can i say? im officially cullenized.

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