Friday, September 4, 2009

the bookworm crawling inside of me

i am so excited, bambi finally bought me the twilight book package!! i am such a dork :D

actually the first one i have read is new moon, which is the 2nd book, but since i saw the movie of the first book, i was familiar with the story. i just saw in in the living room and read it before we went for our vacation. unfortunately there wasn't enough time so i was left with 5 pages unread. now im going to start from the beginning...

unlike dan brown's books, of which bambi also bought me the 4-book package, i kind of like twilight the movie. maybe because i saw twilight the movie first. i have read the four books from dan brown and when the da vinci movie was released, i couldn't stand watching it because i hated the way the movie was going. maybe because i really liked the book and i was disappointed that the movie was slightly far from what i've read. i only watched 7 minutes of it.

that was not a problem with me with harry potter, with books from 1 to 7 still occasionally picked up when we miss reading about hogwarts. although the movies were a little different, those were still excellent movies. especially the 6th... which is the one with the nearest movie-to-book percentage.

along with these series i also had bob ong's books, although my sister borrowed it and brought all of it home. those were really good reads, my favorite is the first one (abnkkbsnplako?!?) i didn't read his last publication, though... (mac•art•hur). i felt that it was so dramatic and i was scared of breaking down...

anyways i was also perusing the bookstore for other books when i saw these coffee booklets and i was so touched by the contents, when i showed them to bambi and tried to read one passage, i was not able to finish it because i quickly walked away from him when i couldn't fight the tears anymore... (*emo mode daw ba sa bookshop?*)

some passages:

"if i have a monument in this world, it is my son." -maya angelou

"when nothing's gone right all day.. it only needs the rush of small feet pounding down the path, a leap, arms locked around about you, a grin, a pouring out of the day's news - and everything goes your way." -pam brown

"a son can be guaranteed to astound you all through his life - astound, bewilder, unnerve, flabbergast... you name it. he'll do it." -charlotte gray

"sons fling themselves. they bounce, bump, duck, dive, slide, paddle, fidget - and fall. then they pick themselves up and do it all again." -pam brown

"he makes me laugh and i feel through him that the world can be a wonderful place." -peter howarth

"... whatever sense of hurt or injustice a man may hold, he knows, in the depths of his soul, that his mother is waiting always for his return." -dame enid lyons

and the ones that made me cry:

"there are many things i would do for my friends - but there are limits. with my son there are no limits. i would give my money, my time, the proverbial right arm. and the wonder is that he never asks, he never pushes. and the nicest thing is that i know he feels just that way about me." -helen exley

"a son leaves home and there's a gap in one's life that will never completely close." -helen thomson

i really miss jared...

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