Friday, September 11, 2009

photography workshop

the banner on the wall said:

Advanced Digital Photography

okay, i didn't really intend to apply for that.

at first i thought it would be a good idea for francis to join, but since he doesn't want to, i might as well try.

i wanted to take good pictures as long as i remember, i was really annoyed if my targets were photographed without a blurred background (like it was supposed to be focused on them but it ended up having everything clear), or knowing how to use the light correctly, you know, stuff like that.

but i wasn't planning on joining a workshop.

but i thought, this is perfect timing. since jared isn't here yet, i have the time to attend. and of course when i get him back, then im more knowledgable and ill be able to take good photos of him, the kind that you would be proud to hang on your wall, life-sized or even bigger.

so i was excited this morning, even though i slept at 2 reading eclipse.

here are my favorite shots:

(remember though, that i didn't use any automatic feature in bambi's 400d. i really worked hard to get the correct mix of lighting and new settings like aperture, ISO and shutter speed. you will see in my friendster album that most of the time i failed :p )

im sleepy. ill write more about it tomorrow night.

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