Friday, September 18, 2009

olay natural white

guys, share ko lang...

i am getting too many happy compliments on my face after olay natural white. i only added it to this month's grocery shopping to try, but irish and maricel already noticed it after one day.

it was when maricel took a photo of me and irish first week of september and she said my cheeks were sparkling while she was trying to focus the camera on us.

remember this?

so i want to share the product to my cheek's success (corny):

my new facial wash, non drying, not bubbling either.
but leaves my face squeaky clean.  although i wash my face first with belo whitening soap...  they said double cleansing your skin is a must-do every night, after the day's pollution.

and my moisturizer.  you can see the effect after using.  no lie.  or maybe it's like a tinted moisturizer although instead of giving tint to your face, it whitens.

i stopped using toner coz i've read that it dries up your skin and not using a toner doesn't make much difference (i know, im gullible, right?)  and it was too bad coz i just stocked up on my loreal pre minimizing toner a while ago...

in fairness, my toner was non-allergenic and you can really see on your cotton pads the dirt that normal washes cannot remove, but ive grown lazy using it at the moment.

neutrogena's deep clean is my weekly scrub, and fair and lovely was my previous moisturizer (i was loyal for three years, san ka pa!).

anyways, of course to each her own. this, in my opinion is the so far my best moisturizer. it kind of put a flawless mask on your face and you can see your face's nice finish immediately. the facial wash doesn't have too much bubble, but you'll feel and see the difference on your face after using it, i noticed smaller pores and luminiscent finish.

try them.  you might like the improvement.  as they say, 'change is good'.

and i love them both!

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